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‘Dakoi Kapostad’ wins competition of khells


Tiatr Academy Goa recently organised its 8th competition of Fells/Khells (Zomnivoile Khell) at the Open Air Amphi-Theatre, Kala Academy, Panaji.

11 troupes participated in the competition which saw ‘Dakoi Kapostad’ by Jose Roman Fernandes walking away with the first prize. ‘Mai Pai’ by Antonieta Pereira and ‘Amkanch Lagon’ by Regino Fernandes won second and third place respectively. Tiatr personalities Osvy Viegas and Johny Cool were the judges for the competition.

On the last day, folklore artist and president of Panaji Carnival Committee, Timotio Fernandes, was the chief guest. He distributed prizes and certificates to the winners, along with president of TAG, Gurudas P Pilarnekar. The traditional khell ‘Gaddi Caitan’ written by Patrick Dourado and directed by Osvi Viegas was also staged as a guest presentation.

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