Tuesday , 19 June 2018

Dabolim registers 13.6% rise in foreign tourist arrival on e-visa


During December 2016, a total of 1,62,250 foreign tourists arrived on e-tourist visa as compared to 1,03,617 during the month of December, 2015 thereby registering a growth of 56.6%. The percentage share of tourist arrivals on e-tourist visa at Dabolim airport, during December, 2016 was 13.6%.
The other top 10 airports percentage share being New Delhi airport (36.6%), Mumbai airport (23.1%), Dabolim (Goa) airport (13.6%), Chennai airport (6.0%), Bengaluru airport (5.1%),Kochi airport (4.7%), Kolkata airport (2.5%), Hyderabad airport (2.4%), Trivandrum airport (1.9%) and Ahmadabad airport (1.7%).
UK (22.4%) continues to occupy top slot followed by USA (16.4%) and Russian Fed (7.7%) amongst countries availing e-tourist visa facility during December 2016.
The facility of e-visa has been made available by the government of India to the citizens of 161 countries, arriving at 16 international airports in India. The number of e-Tourist Visa availed by foreign tourists visiting India during the month of December, 2016 has registered a substantial growth rate over the corresponding month of 2015.
During January- December 2016, a total of 10,79,696 tourist arrived on e-tourist visa as compared to 4,45,300 during January-December 2015, registering a growth of 142.5% .
This high growth may be attributed to introduction of e-tourist visa for 161 countries as against the earlier coverage of 113 countries.
The percentage shares of top 10 source countries availing e-tourist visa facilities during December, 2016 being UK (22.4%), USA (16.4%), Russian Fed (7.7%), China (5.3%), Australia (4.6%), France (4.1%), Germany (4.0%), South Africa (3.7%), Canada (3.7%) and Republic of Korea (2.0%).

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