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CWPRS to initiate action on erosion at Velsao beach: Alina




Cortalim MLA Alina Saldanha said that officials of the water resources department will send a report of the massive sand erosion at Velsao beach to the Central Water and Power Research Station (CWPRS) Pune in order to initiate necessary action to avoid further loss to the beach.

In a press statement, Saldanha said that the sand erosion is a matter of concern and right measures need to be put in place.

Saldanha said that she did not propose to use tetrapods to control sand erosion at Velsao beach, but added that experts would suggest measures that would be taken as a remedy to solve the erosion at the beach. “The suggestion of using tetrapods was given by WRD authorities upon consulting with experts”, she said.

“According to engineers of WRD, a report on Velsao beach sand erosion will be prepared and sent to CWPRS Pune for further study. At the same time another site inspection along with experts of CWPRS and stakeholders is being planned before a final decision on how to prevent/control the sand erosion at Velsao beach is decided upon”, said Saldanha.

She disclosed that a meeting was held with scientist Dr Antonio Mascarenhas along with representatives of WRD wherein a lot of information was presented on the massive sand erosion with respect to use of tetrapods.

“Dr Mascarenhas will also attend the meeting scheduled to be held sometime in the fourth week of September, so that a final decision can be taken on how to handle the massive sand erosion along the coastline of Velsao Dando beach and also in other beaches in the state”,
said Saldanha.


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