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Cutbona trawler workers stay put inside vessels

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While the government has ordered closure of fishing jetties thousands of workers stay put inside the trawlers as supplies as fate of the catch hangs in the balance.

Ironically the workers are forced to stay put inside the trawlers due to travel restrictions.

The president of the Cutbona boat owners association, Savio D’silva said the trawlers have all returned back as per directions given by the government. However due to the restrictions on the movement the workers have been kept inside the trawlers till a decision is arrived at on what happens next.

When asked about the catch he said some trawlers have returned with the catch however it is not know what will happen to catch but there should not be preferential treatment.

On the supplies, he said the present stock will last for about two days however after that the boat owners stare at a major problem as provisional stores have no supplies.

D’silva who is also the sarpanch of the village said the people in the village are getting anxious over the supplies, there are countless calls asking for supplies but the panchayat is helpless.

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