Monday , 25 June 2018
Cunchelim residents face water shortage
Buckets and vessels being filled with water from a tanker on Monday afternoon as the Cunchelim residents suffered water shortage

Cunchelim residents face water shortage


MAPUSA: Water shortage inconvenienced the residents of Cunchelim, Mapusa with the supply becoming irregular. The residents have expressed concern over no supply of water to them for the last five days.

Khadpawada and Vadeshwar Nagar are affected in a big way for being located at higher altitude than the rest of the area. The locals don’t have any other source of  potable water as there are hardly any wells in the locality and vicinity.

Swar Khadpe, a resident said, “We are in mid- March. Still the entire summer has to be seen through and we are forced to face water problem. A lot of inconvenience is caused to all the residents.”

Another local Datta Jadhav said that “every year the residents suffer due irregular water supply. We want to request the PWD officials to take enough measures to provide regular water supply for few hours every day so that at least we can store some water.”

A councillor Chandra Shekhar Benkar said that “ the residents approached me complaining that for the last four to five days there has been no water supply to them. I called the engineer and requested him to resolve the issue as soon as possible and as a temporary measure to send water tankers.”

When contacted, PWD assistant engineer  Vilas Tamoskar informed that “being located at higher altitude, the people of Khadpawada and Vadeshwar Nagar are facing problem as water pressure is low. We supplied water to these areas in the evening.”

Commenting on ‘no water supply for last five days,’ he replied that “it is not correct as there was restricted water supply to Bardez at the week-end and they might have not received water for one more day.”

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