Sunday , 19 May 2019

Creativity is a risky adventure: Shekhar Kapur

The inaugural Master Class at the International Film Festival of India 2014 conducted by the internationally acclaimed filmmaker, Shekhar Kapur saw the ‘Bandit Queen’ director advocating – “Unsure brain is best for the creativity.”

The Master Class on the topic ‘What is Creativity? How do you describe the act of creation?’ also witnessed the filmmaker stating that every creative act should start with ‘I don’t know’.

“Every act of creation is something new, and if not, then it is not an act of creation”, he stated, maintaining that creativity, in fact, is a chaotic act disciplined into a tangible form and structure as a creative output.

Close friends of Kapur, namely noted director Sudhir Mishra, actor-director, Satish Kaushik, and actor, Manoj Bajpai, also participated in the Master Class and interacted with him on various aspects of creativity.

“The fundamental aspect of creativity is aspiring to a higher self in creative fields”, Kapur observed, mentioning that the most amazing thing about creativity is deadline, which results in panic for the creator.

Stating that he turned to filmmaking as he was addicted to visual story-telling, Kapur said that if he had a choice he would make films with minimum dialogues. “In fact, the first draft of the script for my proposed film ‘Paani’ had only seven lines of dialogues in its first 30 pages, and hence was chucked out,” he mentioned.  Speaking further, the actor-turned filmmaker said that the filmmaker of every classic leaves certain gaps in the story that unfold on the screen, and this is done to maintain the story’s relevance. “These gaps are contradictions, and story-telling is nothing but moral contradiction”, he observed, stating that each time a person revisits a cinema, he tries to fill in the gaps as per his own perception and interpretation.

Stating that creativity is also an adventure and there is no adventure without risk, Kapur said that a creator should be excited by the thought of failure while taking a leap beyond his comfort level, as this becomes a great provocation to his creativity. Maintaining that his cinematic language is slightly different from the way other directors perceive cinema, the internationally reputed filmmaker recalled, “When the late Amrish Puri, who enacted the diabolic villain Mogambo in the film ‘Mr India’, asked me how the role should be handled, I told him to portray the villain just as he would portray Shakespeare on stage. “I added that the difference would however be that he should act as if enacting a Shakespearean play before an 11-year-old child instead of mature audiences, and that was the change in the perspective”, he observed.

On a parting note, Kapur requested that day-dreaming not be taken from children, stating that day dreaming is the most creative part of their existence.