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Crazy Minds at work this Chaturthi

A Konkani music video ‘He Ganaraya’ produced by Crazy Minds will be released at Directorate of Art and Culture, Panaji on September 10. NT BUZZ speaks to director, Anay Kamat to learn more


While there are not many Konkani music videos on Ganesh Chaturthi, artist, Anay Kamat’s latest offering ‘He Ganaraya’ is an addition to the list. However, ‘He Ganaraya’, Kamat’s first music video, which is themed on Ganesh Chaturthi is not an aarti or a devotional song, but a song with a devotional flavour done in a filmy style.

“I always wanted to produce a video and occasions are the best time when you can make video. As the festival of Ganesh was approaching I thought of doing something for Chaturthi. And being a Goan I wanted to do something in Konkani,” says Anay.

Anay decided to do a music video and to set his plan in motion he got in touch with lyricist, Sanjay Borkar and asked him to pen down a Konkani song. “I have heard a lot of aartis and devotional hymns but not Konkani songs and that’s where I thought I should work. I did not give Sanjay much time to work on lyrics but he managed to do a great job. Rajesh Madgaonkar has sung the song and the music has been composed by duo Dilip Vaze and Sindhuraj Kamat,” informs Kamat, adding that the making and recording of the song took around 15 days.

As far as the music video was concerned, Kamat’s idea was to make a dance video featuring dancers dancing to the beat of the music in Bollywood style. But they didn’t have a choreographer. “Luckily, Chinmay Borkar from Margao came to our rescue and choreographed the dance featuring a group of students from Standard X within a short period of four days,” says Anay. The audience will also get to watch Anay performing with his team of dancers in the video.

As a first timer it was quite difficult for Anay to get financial help. He had to go to several institutions seeking financial support but all declined his request. He says: “Though there are schemes and policies by Entertainment Society of Goa and Directorate of Art and Culture for films and documentaries there are hardly schemes for music videos. Music videos are gaining popularity these days but hardly anyone is ready to fund them.”

“I went to the Department of Art and Culture, where they told me that they can give grants only for cultural programs and not for producing a video song of cultural importance. Thereafter, I went to Konkani Academy, where they told me that although this is in Konkani, they can give grants to write book but not for a song. The Department of Information and Publicity also gave a similar response. It is only with the support of well wishers that I could come up with this video,” adds Anay.

Anay plans to release the video online on social media and on his YouTube channel. He believes that people will love and appreciate his efforts. “Today, youngsters keep sharing music videos and songs online. This is something that will make every Goan proud. I am hoping for a positive response,” concludes Anay.


(The video will be launched and screened on September 10, 4 p.m. at Directorate of Art and Culture, Panaji)


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