Conference on Manor Houses in Portugal, Brasil and Goa


Helder Carita and Joaquim Santos in association with  Fundação Oriente, Panaji will present an inside view on the project, ‘Manor House, Portugal, Brazil and Goa’ On Thursday, January 24 at 6 p.m. This research project aims at investigating several issues related to aristocratic residential architecture.

In the course of the presentation, Helder Carita will discuss the methodology of study that has been developed for the project. He will delve on how, in a particular emphasis has been given to the concept of house in its dimensions, not only architectural but also from social and anthropological aspects.

“In this sense we divided our study into four main lines of research: patrons and artists, interior programs, applied decorative arts and mobile equipment. As a methodological proposal, a broad geographical area was established to allow an equally broad view of this theme,” Carita says.

Carita holds a PhD in History of Architecture and is an investigator member of The Art History Institute of Universidade Nova, Lisbon. Among several other publications, he has also published a book on Palaces of Goa in 1995.

Joaquim Santos on the other hand will discuss the fortified manor houses in Portugal, Brazil and India. “The fortified manor houses appeared in the Portuguese territory during the Medieval Ages, under the name domus fortis. Initially having defensive purposes, this kind of manor houses evolved to receive a symbolic aura connected to the king or the high nobility,” Santos explains.

He says that the same phenomenon occurred in some Portuguese colonies. With a PhD in architecture, Santos is currently a post-doctoral researcher and an invited professor at the ARTIS – Institute of Art History, School of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon (Portugal).

This presentation intends to show briefly some cases of fortified manor houses in Portugal, Brazil, India and Sri Lanka.

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