Sunday , 19 May 2019

Concession to KTC pass holders hiked




The government on Thursday announced a hike in the concession to commuters and students travelling in Kadamba State Transport (KTC) buses, with effect from January 1, 2018.

Following the hike, students using KTC buses will receive 70 per cent concession for weekly pass, 75 per cent for fortnightly pass and 80 per cent for monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly pass. Previously, students were eligible for 50 per cent concession.

For general commuters, the concessions are 40 per cent for weekly pass, 50 per cent for fortnightly pass and 60 per cent for monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly pass. Previously, general commuters had a flat concession rate of 40 per cent.

The increase in concession is vide an extension of the Seasonal Pass Scheme for Daily Commuters and Students by KTC 2018 which replaces the old Seasonal Pass Scheme (2014- 2018). An amount of Rs 15 crore has been released to KTC for operating the scheme. The concession pass entitles the holder to travel on any number of occasions for all routes operated by KTC within the state.

The objective of the scheme is to give cheap fares to daily commuters travelling on KTC buses, encourage the use of public transport, decongest the roads and provide safe transport service to commuters including students from remote areas.

All commuters are eligible for the pass including government servants, industrial workmen, bonafide students, senior citizens, physically disabled, businessmen as also tourists, etc, travelling within the state.

To acquire the pass, students have to apply in prescribed form and submit it in the KTC office. Students have to show their identity card as proof of studying. Applicants will be issued a 10-digit number and a computer generated pass with photo attached to it.