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Co-production: More than just a monetary investment


The Co-production and Film Promotion workshops organised by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), on the sidelines of the ongoing International Film Festival of India (IFFI) will discuss various topics. Some of these include reasons for minimum south-south co-productions in the past, development of possibilities of co-production between south countries, structure of co-production agreements, models and benefits and so on. Workshops will also discuss other matters such as leveraging film incentives and co-productions and navigating Indian films in the festival.
Pablo César, Argentina-based producer of films like ‘The Sacred Family’ (1988) and ‘Aphrodite, the Garden of the Perfumes’ (1998), speaking during the inauguration of the 2-day event, said that if India could have a ‘Law of Cinema’ for independent producers, with 10 per cent incentives, then the country could be the biggest co-producer in the world.
“Co-production is not only a monetary investment from each side, but also an investment in human resources from co-operating countries,” the Argentinean filmmaker observed, adding that the concept of co-production is very important as the involved producers can share many things from different countries. “However, in spite of these differences, the feelings are same universally. This is what makes these co-productions work,” he noted, quipping that the people involved in co-production are actually professional beggars, who are just elegant.
César also maintained that co-productions must be a balanced partnership; not with one country in charge of supplying cooks, drivers and best boys, while another provides director of photography, director of sound and assistant directors. He also stressed that the staff of production should, however, be a local person.
It was also maintained that in Argentina 10 per cent of the total money earned by theatres on each movie ticket goes to the National Film Institute of the country.

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