CMC to survey scrap yards, bore wells

CUNCOLIM: The Cuncolim Municipal Council (CMC), at its ordinary meeting on Friday, resolved to conduct a survey of all the scrapyards in its jurisdiction and prohibit entry of cyclists collecting waste to ensure safety.

It was also resolved to conduct a survey of all the bore wells in the area especially in the nearby industrial estate as councillors were of the opinion that huge amounts of water is pumped out from them and supplied through water tankers.

There was chaos before the meeting over the municipality’s recent decision to reduce garbage taxes for business establishments.

The municipality had taken a resolution during its last meeting to reduce garbage tax of restaurants and bars from Rs 1,500 per month to Rs 700; for garages and workshops from Rs 300 per month to Rs 200 per month and bakeries and general stores from Rs 500 per month to Rs 300 per month.

Vendors however said that the amount was still high and requested for further reduction in the rates.

The civic body after discussions decided to hold a special meeting to hear the grievances of the stakeholders before taking a final decision on the garbage tax rates.

On the resolutions taken during the meeting, the CMC chairperson said the decisions to conduct a survey of scarp yards and prevent cycle walas from collecting waste in view of safety of woman and children.

“Apart from our daily garbage collection, there are many outsiders roaming on cycles going from house to house but many people don’t know them and feel extremely unsafe especially the women and children. We’ve taken a resolution not only to conduct a survey of the scrapyards in the municipal area but also not to allow these cycle walas on the internal roads as our municipality collects garbage every day,” said Mascarenhas.

A resolution was also taken to ensure timely delivery of services at the municipality. “There have been several instances where locals have asked me why a simple file was taking months to process. I’ve myself noticed that many files are sent inward and without my knowledge are sent outward also. So today we took a resolution to have every file that is taken inward sent to me and as per the request, it should be issued. For instance, if it is a construction licence, it should be issued in 60 days and an occupancy certificate should be issued in 30 days,” she said.

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