Tuesday , 21 May 2019
Clency wishes to  be a bit like Ronaldo

Clency wishes to be a bit like Ronaldo

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Regina Martyrum’s central midfielder Clency Miranda was the pick of the final. She fought her way to impress with great dribbling and passing skills to leave Rosary Higher Secondary School defenders surprised.

As Clency came charging in constantly with great touches to the ball, the rival defence appeared to be in sixes and sevens not knowing how to tackle her. There were always two defenders seen taking her on, yet she managed to hoodwink them on a number of occasions.

Clency’s mere touch to the ball made the rival defenders go the other way round.

Operating with neat passes and good speed, she distributed the ball to the strikers with accuracy and had the chances that she created been utilised.

Regina Martyrum could have won the match atleast by three more goals, if not more. “I want to be a physical education teacher,” said the fifteen year old Clency who is studying in Std X this year.

“I get up quite early and after saying our prayers. I practice with the ball just outside my house,” Clency said, while speaking to The Navhind Times.

“Our physical education teacher Angelo Silva is very good and he inspired me a lot to play football,” she said.

She disclosed that she likes to play football and represent Goa if not for the country. “I want to practice hard and go all out to win this championship and march to Delhi,” said Clency.

Stating that she watched all the matches of the recently held world cup, she disclosed that Cristiano Ronaldo is her favourite player.