Tuesday , 22 May 2018

Choose the right stream for a bright future

Bhasker A Bhandare

Summer vacation will end in a few days and a new academic year will begin. It is the beginning of a new phase in life for every student who will be enrolling for higher secondary education and professional diploma or degree courses. All of us have been through this phase where we had to make a choice about which stream to choose. Well this is a question that no one has a perfect answer for. What can we do? How does one choose the right stream? Whom do we ask for guidance? Is selecting the stream of parent’s or guardian’s choice a correct decision?

The process of choosing a right stream can be divided into few feasible states. The first and most important phase is analysis. Nowadays all of us have access to internet, so students should use internet and find out the information about the various streams and disciplines that are available. For example if a student wants to take arts after SSC than he or she should analyse all domains that the stream has access to after HSSC. Making this small study will help to remove confusion from students’ minds. The next step is to seek parents’ or guardian’s opinion on selecting the right stream. The third and final step is to combine the gathered information and analyse it to make the right decision. We must have come across parents or guardians who usually tend to force their children to take up a stream just because they want their children to compete with others. This can have an adverse effect on the children’s minds and can also lead to unskilled workforce of professionals thus effecting our country’s growth and development. But here I am not saying that parents are wrong, and I agree that parents are next to god so it’s our duty to respect and obey them, and they possess the right to decide their child’s career and future. In fact my suggestion is that parents should take time out and actively participate in the process of choosing the right stream.

In today’s world right knowledge, competition and innovation is everything. It can only be achieved if one chooses the right stream of his or her choice. This will not only help raise innovative minds but will also help build a workforce of skilled professionals in the near future.


(Writer is an IT engineering student at PCCE Verna)

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