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Choose light and bright hues this spring-summer

Roanna Silveira

Spring and summer is all about freshness and youth. Light and flirty colours were splashed all over the runway.

Light pinks, reds, corals are in for the lips, while the eyes were adorned with bright, youthful colours. Skin was mostly about perfect, glowing, fresh skin.

Let’s see what looks the runway brings us and how we can adjust it for daily use!

Rose gold monochromatic look

The vibe: A rose gold metallic eye look complemented a similar satin rosy shade on the lips with dewy perfect skin and a subtle flush of pink blush.

Get the Look: This look is pretty wearable especially in the day time. Apply a light wash of metallic rose gold eye shadow all over the lids and a little under the lower lash line. If you don’t have a rose gold shade, you can make your own by mixing pink and gold to create a custom rose gold shade. Add some mascara and some satin blush pink lipstick and a swirl of pink blush on the apples of your cheeks for a super pretty spring look.

Thick eyeliner

The vibe: Several makeup artists went with a thick liner in spite of it being a spring look! Thick eyeliner was paired with soft nude lips and barely there blush.

Get the look: Wear this with a thick wing of dark black liner. Pair it with a nude lip and a flush of blush on your cheekbones for a look suitable for both night and day.

Just bitten Korean lips

The vibe: This look was all about the lips. A lip stain was used in the centre of the lips as though one had just bitten their lips or eaten a popsicle. This was paired with luminous skin and nothing on the eyes.

Get the look: Pat some lip balm into your lips. Apply some lip stain to the centre of your lips and pat to blend it to the edges without smearing it all over. Pair it with well-moisturised skin with a light layer of foundation and nothing on the eyes to really draw attention to the lips. Highlight the high points of your face to bring a subtle glow to the face.

Mermaid eyes

The vibe: This look draws attention to the eyes. Splashes of turquoise as a smoky eye was paired with blush pink lips, a hint of blush and brushed up boy brows.

Get the look: Sweep a turquoise shade all over your eyelids and under the lower lash line and blend. Line your waterline with a turquoise liner. Use a satin foundation for soft glowing skin. Swipe on some creamy pink lipstick and swirl a blush of a similar shade on your cheeks. Highlight the top of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and Cupid’s bow for a soft candlelit glow.

Blush draping

The vibe: This look is definitely not for the faint of heart. Even though it’s a girly youthful look, it is very difficult to wear on a daily basis. Super matte skin was overlaid by a flush of bright pink colour that started on the high point of the cheekbones and went up to the eyelids. This was accompanied by a sweep of mascara and some lip gloss.

Get the look: This look can be tweaked to normal use by using only a subtle flush of blush. Use a matte foundation and powder well to mattify the face further. Sweep blush on the top of the cheekbones and drag it upwards along the sides of the face to sweep across the eyelid. Blend the edges to get a seamless flush of colour. Curl your lashes and add lots of mascara. Pat onto the lips a lipstick that is a similar colour to your lips. Top off with some gloss and you’re ready for spring.

Graphic eye shadow

The vibe: Blocks of brightly coloured unblended eye shadow in shades of purple, blue or green, were applied precisely in a dome shape and winged out at the outer corners. This was paired with either a bright coral lip colour or bright pink – both very bright youthful matte shades. This was accompanied by soft luminous skin.

Get the look: Start off with a soft light base. Use a light luminous foundation or mix in a drop of illuminator with your favourite foundation. Fill in any gaps in your brows and brush the brow hairs up with a little brow gel to hold them in place. Using a damp eye shadow brush, pick up some brightly coloured eye shadow and apply all over the eyelid. Extend it slightly at the outer edges. You may need a cotton bud dipped it makeup remover to clean up the edges, or start with a piece of tape at the corner of each eye to get a sharp line. Combine with a matte lipstick in a bright coral or pink colour to provide a delightful contrast to the eye colour. Wear this look to stand out at a party!

This Spring-Summer is all about light and bright colours. Matte, satin as well as glossy lips are in.

Take inspiration from the runway this Spring-Summer and create your own style this season!

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