Sunday , 18 November 2018
Chasing the dream in ‘Sopon’

Chasing the dream in ‘Sopon’

Konkani short film ‘Sopon – The dream’ directed by Navelim-based Rosario Miranda was recently selected for Barcelona Film Festival, Spain and Bucharest Film Festival held in Romania. NT BUZZ finds out more about the short film


Football is a sport loved by most Goans and this can’t be denied or doubted. Many youngsters aspire to pursue a career in this sport and the short film ‘Sopon – The dream’ directed by Rosario Miranda highlights the story of a young boy Ronaldo who dreams of becoming a footballer. In the film, despite his love and passion for football Ronaldo’s father does not allow him to pursue his dream. The boy does not give up and secretly plAays for a football tournament and what happens next is an interesting aspect of the film.

It is indeed a proud moment for Rosario and team as their effort and hard work got their film selected for two international film festivals – Barcelona Film Festival, Spain and Bucharest Film Festival, Romania. “I cannot explain how happy we were when we got the news. It was a moment of pride for our film to get selected and nominated. We have reached the final round of selection and are now anxiously awaiting the final results,” adds Rosario.

The whole idea of the short film was not only to give out a message but to also showcase the potential talent Goa has. “People think Goans are ‘susegad’ and laid back which is not true. Goans have great potential and capability to do things. To break this stereotypical notion, this film was much required. It was a clear way of showing the world that we Goans can make great films which can get us international acclaim,” says Rosario.

The 10-minute short film is based on a true story. About how this story became the idea for a short film Rosario says: “I had a similar story. You can say that the story of ‘Sopon – The dream’ is based on my life. I loved playing football and my father was not happy about it. At the start I did not understand why he was against it, but when I encountered the truth I understood that he too had a point to make and a story to tell. This experience gave me the lead to develop my story into a short film.”

The short film has Rajesh Subhash Karekar as the father, who has earlier worked in several Konkani and Marathi films. The role of the young boy (Ronaldo) is played by Jermaine Coutinho who has also previously worked in Nirmon and in Bollywood films ‘Bhoothnath’ and ‘Shamitabh’.

Rosario wished to direct a full length feature film but due to financial constraints was unable to do so and decided upon a short film instead, with the help of his team. The film has been shot at Navelim and Sernabatim beach in South Goa. Rosario believes that the government needs to support filmmakers and initiate easier policies and schemes that can be helpful and beneficial to filmmakers so that the outcome can be positive.

‘Sopon – The dream’ has been cinematographed by Josephfern Dsouza. Rafiq Shaikh assisted with direction while the film has been co-produced by Vezby Vaz and Ivy Pereira. Pravin Naik has produced the music and editing and visual effects have been done by Jules Goes. Dubbing, titling and subtitling have been done at Tiger Studio by Subvik and Pintu. The film ‘Sopon – The dream’ is produced under the banner of AVM entertainment.

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