Thursday , 17 October 2019
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Chance upon a celebration of arts

Ever since its first edition in the city of Panaji, back in 2016, the Serendipity Arts Festival has steadily been transforming the capital into a colourful art paradise, not just during the festival days but through the year.

And now the multidisciplinary arts event is all set to return for its third edition from December 15 to 22, 2018, featuring 1300 artists showcasing over 90 projects in visual, performing and culinary arts, spread across ten venues in and around Panaji. This is the first time that the Old Goa Institute of Management, Ribandar, will be a venue for the event.

“While art is usually associated with a specific crowd, the endeavour of Serendipity is to make art so accessible that it does not limit anyone. The reason we choose public spaces is so that anyone should be able to walk in and enjoy it,” says festival director Smriti Rajgarhia. “The festival truly celebrates our rich artistic heritage, and we hope that this will foster cultural growth and energise contemporary practice not just in Goa but across the country.”

One of the projects which will be a part of the festival is Panjim 175 – curated by Vivek Menezes and Swati Salgaonkar.

The project is a celebration of Panaji as capital city not just of Goa but also of the Estado da India, which once extended from the Konkan coastline to Mozambique in East Africa and Macao and Timor at the other extreme end of the Indian Ocean. This exhibition will be held at the old PWD Complex in Panaji. “We are looking at holding the project at PWD complex in a manner of how we hope it can be developed as an art and culture centre in Panaji. There will be art, music, lectures, workshops, installations, apart from a small shop and cafe,” said Menezes.

Salgaonkar added that all the participants of this project have some connection to Goa.

Odette Mascarenhas who will be one of the curators for the culinary arts projects disclosed that the food event and stalls will be held across the seven venues. “The participants have had to dig into their repertoire and come up with something new. It is challenging but exciting too,” she said. Among the cuisines which will be shown are Indian street food, Oriental and Continental cuisines.

Subodh Gupta, one of the visual arts curators will be putting together an exhibition titled My Colour in Your Plate. “My aim when putting together the exhibition was to provide a snapshot of the range of conversations happening in contemporary art about the pertinent social and political issues around the world; essentially outlining the various roles of an artist in public discourse, but put across in simple artistic language. People will see a wide range of contemporary art from India and the world,” he said.

The 90 projects this year will be accompanied by a series of special projects including St+art Goa curated by St+art India Foundation, Out of Turn curated by Asia Art Archive and Meenakshi Thirukode and a Film Programme by Sabeena Gadihoke.


Festival curators

Photography: Rahaab Allana and Ravi Agarwal l Visual Arts: Ranjit Hoskote and Subodh Gupta

l Culinary Arts: Rahul Akerkar and Odette Mascarenhas l Dance: Leela Samson and Ranjana Dave

l Theatre: Atul Kumar and Arundhati Nag l Music: Aneesh Pradhan and Sneha Khanwalkar l Craft: Annapurna Garimella and Rashmi Varma


Amenities available during the festival

l Free shuttle services from all the venues

l Environmentally friendly e-bikes – 25 covering the sum of venues

l Free ferry services from Captain of Ports Jetty to Ribandar Jetty

l 350+ volunteers to guide and help visitors with queries regarding the festival and registration requirements

l Special accessibility volunteers for the differently-abled

l Emergency medical services available on site

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