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Celebrating Goa in style
World Goa Day will be celebrated on Saturday, August 25 at Farm House, Benaulim. The programme hopes to reinforce tradition and culture among people besides, being an evening of celebration, fun and togetherness. NT BUZZ gets you all the details

Celebrating Goa in style


Every year the Goan diaspora spread across the world picks a day to celebrate World Goa Day. These celebrations have kick-started in Goa too. This year a celebration of World Goa Day 2018 is being held at Farm House, Benaulim on Saturday, August 25, 6 p.m. onwards. The event is organised by fashion designer, Verma D’Mello and entrepreneur Elvis Dias who has experience in organising the Goa Carnival and other festivals.

Dias says: “This is a celebration of Goans in Goa with global Goans. We want to propagate Goan traditions to our youth. It is a celebration of Goan culture, cuisine, dances, etc.” He tells us that the place, Farm House has been chosen keeping in mind the large water body, ideal for angling and fishing.

“We will also be showcasing games played by our ancestors like lagori, gully danda, 7 tiles, etc. The menu at Farm House has been specially re-designed so that people get to taste authentic Goan food. The evening is also being used to showcase our local brew feni which is slowly getting recognition,” he says.

The evening will have various competitions and performances that depict Goa, its culture and tradition. These include angling competition, singing competition for which videos have to be sent to, a Latin-ballroom dance competition to be held at the venue, and feni cocktail making competition.

Besides, there will be several traditional dance performances and singing performances. The band Rhythm & Blues will be in attendance playing some foot tapping music. This celebration is being organised by Verma D’Mello and Elvis Dias.

D’Mello tells us that for her it is important to be deeply rooted to her land, Goa. And this celebration is one where she can allow fellow Goans to feel the same for their land, culture and tradition that is slowly being forgotten.

“There is a need to save our Goan culture, irrespective of how developed we become, or due to Western influences. It is important that the younger generation understands this culture, especially at a time when gadgets and modernisation makes us live like robots,” she says.

She goes on to say that the angling competition has been organised so that people realise how traditional fishing was carried out and that fish was fresh and cheap, not like the formalin-induced fish we get that has made us weary of eating our staple meal.

“It will be an evening of nostalgia where people will recall their young days and memories of the past about Goan and the culture. This is a celebration of all things Goan for all Goans,” she tells us.

Keeping the theme ‘Go Glocal’ for this year’s event in mind, there will also be a ghumot circle where participants will play the instrument and a cane making demonstration by local artisans.

People can enjoy the evening and choose Goan dishes from an a la carte Goan menu. A 360 degree live feed of the event will allow Goans around the world to view the same on social media.

(Entry is free. For details contact 9822130430/2770534)

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