‘Celebrate Goa through art’ – Wendell


Encouraging artists to celebrate Goa through their art, fashion designer, Wendell Rodricks speaking at the inaugural of the ‘Cartoonists and Illustrators of Goa 2019’, said that Goa has its unique identity and when one incorporates it in their work- the work stands out.

12 artists including Alexyz, Billy Fernandes, Sanket Lawande, Rohit Chari, Malcolm Rebello, Swapnil Behere, Govit Morajkar, Manuela Mendonca Gomes, Cornelia Sequeira, Nadia De Souza, Melanie Costa Pereira and Fabian Gonsalves showcased their works at the show.

“Whenever I would travel I would come across people who would ask me from where I belong. And when I would tell them I am from Goa they would give me bizarre reasons about why they love Goa and about their experiences here. But this wasn’t my Goa it was their Goa. We need to show and celebrate our Goa and that is what I have done in my career and was able to attain great heights,”said Wendell, calling upon people to uphold their tradition.

He also mentioned that many are clueless about the various aspects of Goan culture and therefore there is a need to change this perception and create more awareness through various initiatives.

People should work not only to make Goa proud but also make a name internationally, he said. He added that if you are known internationally, then you will be able to find recognition in everything you do. “Don’t dream of becoming famous in your locality or your state, think of becoming big internationally, and fame will come to you,” he said.

At the inaugural, artworks of two new young artists, Sumit Naik and Samuel Rodrigues were released.

Illustrator, Fabian Gonsalves spoke about how the artists came together to put up the second edition of the exhibition. He said that there was a time when they thought that there was nothing in Goa. However, when they all came together they realised their works were quite different and unique. “We decided that we need to utilise the talent that Goa has and this was what got us to put up an exhibition,” added Fabian.

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