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CCP warns retail fish vendors against sale outside market premises




Corporation of City of Panaji (CCP) has warned fish retailers to conduct business from within the spaces allocated to them and not to encroach upon road spaces which have been allocated to wholesalers.

The CCP has warned that the wares of retailers venturing beyond the allotted spaces will be confiscated.

Since last few days, there were complaints that retail vendors are conducting sales by squatting along the road.

CCP Mayor Vithal Naik Chopdekar and the chairman of market committee Uday Madkaikar held a detail discussion with both the groups – retail and wholesale fish vendors at the CCP conference hall on Wednesday.

The Mayor also stated that on Thursday, CCP will deploy a supervisor as usual to see if discipline has returned to the fish market or not if not then the CCP would wait for another two days and then start confiscating wares of retail vendors conducting business from outside the premises.


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