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CBI books assistant customs commissioner in tender scam

The Central Bureau of Investigation has registered an FIR against assistant commissioner of customs, Goa, Mohan Kapse and one Charudatta Ozarkar from Maharashtra in connection with the alleged tender scam.
The CBI had conducted a surprise check with the vigilance team of the customs department at the Customs House, Mormugao, which revealed that during the period from 2017 to 2019, Kapse allegedly conspired with Ozarkar to obtain undue advantage.
The CBI said that Kapse allegedly did not follow tendering formalities and dishonestly issued 114 work orders for the purchase of office furniture, electronic and electrical items, partition/renovation works in different sections of the Customs House Goa in the name of different firms.
Out of the 114 work orders, 80 work orders were allegedly issued to four fictitious firms floated by Ozarkar. The work orders were worth about Rs 1.22 crore.
It has been alleged that Ozarkar had been maintaining bank accounts at Pune and Goa and the payments were credited into these bank accounts.
In the pursuance of the conspiracy with Ozarkar, Kapse allegedly obtained fake quotations at exorbitant rates for the work orders from the non-existing firms of Ozarkar.
The senior customs official processed them without following the prescribed guidelines, and thereafter issued the work orders.
It has also been alleged that Kapse split the main work against the laid-down tender procedures for execution of work and issued the work orders to the fictitious firms of Ozarkar, who quoted exorbitant rates for the said works.
It has also been alleged that Kapse had dishonestly made payments for the works to Ozarkar’s fictitious firms without ensuring completion of works and thereby caused loss to the government.
The FIR has been registered against the two accused and unknown others under the Prevention of Corruption Act as well as under the IPC sections on charges of cheating, criminal conspiracy, forgery.
PSI D D Sharma is investigating the case.

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