Friday , 26 April 2019

Cavelossim forum seeks action against illegal structures, open defecation along Sal




The Cavelossim Villagers Forum (CVF) has demanded that the government demolish structures that have come up in No-Development Zone (NDZ) and also sought action against open defecation along the banks of River Sal.

Speaking to media persons on Thursday, CVF president Iris Passanha said that despite several complaints to authorities the situation has not improved. He said that there are two illegal constructions are being done on the banks of River Sal.

“It is highly disturbing that the Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority (GCZMA) and all other authorities keep silent when complaints are lodged regarding illegal construction of structures in NDZ area close to River Sal, encroaching in river Sal by constructing concrete embankments and also undertaken illegal business activities without CRZ permissions. We have lodged complaints with all the concerned authorities but they have failed to take action against these illegal structures since 2014,” he said.

The forum also said that illegal structures continue to spring up and that the GCZMA should demolish them entirely. “All the structures are illegally constructed and continuously expanded so as to claim big plinth area for undertaking present massive construction. Hence GCZMA should demolish all those structures immediately without any further delay,” said Passanha.

Villagers have also pointed out that labourers working there openly defecate in the surroundings. “All the labourers are involved in open defecation. There are no toilets and sewage is also disposed off into the River Sal because of which there is a serious environmental pollution, ecological degradation and acute problem of sanitation,” said Passanha.

The issues of illegal use of the area for boat building and repairing, fish unloading from trawlers and open defecation has also been the topic of discussion at several meetings of the gram sabha.

During the gram sabha, the panchayat had informed that after conducting an inspection with the VDC, it had issued a list of recommendations and directions which include identifying owners and labourers employed at the site, maintaining of a clean and hygienic surrounding and installing of portable toilets for the workers. Earlier this month, the fisheries department had issued an order to stop unloading of fish along the river bank and directed all fish unloading to be done at Cutbona jetty.




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