Saturday , 22 September 2018

World News

Typhoon kills 54 in China, dozens missing

BEIJING: Floods and landslides from the strongest storm to hit China this year have killed at least 54 people and left dozens missing since it struck earlier this week, officials said Thursday.
 Typhoon Fanapi swamped south China’s Guangdong province after directly hitting the island of Taiwan on Sunday and killing two there.

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Pak calls for US intervention in Kashmir

NEW YORK: Pakistan has asked the international community, particularly the US, to intervene in Kashmir in resolving the contentious issue which is central to peace in the region. “The occupation cannot continue. The rights of the Kashmiri people cannot continue to be denied,” the Pakistan Foreign Minister, Mr Shah Mahmood Qureshi said yesterday.

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Teaching is a deadly job in Thailand

BANGKOK: Separatists have killed 135 teachers in southern Thailand over the past eight years in their efforts to rid the region of “Siamese infidels”, a human rights group said today.
 Since January 2004, insurgents in Thailand’s southernmost provinces of Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala have deliberately targeted school teachers in their fight against Thai rule.

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