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Will establish writ of the state: Pak PM

ISLAMABAD: Listing extremism and terrorism as "serious challenges", the Pakistan's new Prime Minister, Mr Raja Pervez Ashraf today vowed to establish the writ of the state and said the country's soil will not be allowed to be used for attacking other nations.

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Afghans sing again of love and war

KABUL: In a country where music was silenced in the name of Allah for five years, the beat is back and even rock shares the airwaves with the romantic strains of traditional Afghan songs.

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Mursi answerable to Egypt’s military force

CAIRO: Egyptians might have elected Mr Mohammed Mursi as their new President, but he is not the real in-charge as he is still answerable to the country’s military force and the leader of his own party Muslim Brotherhood, according to a report.

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Feathered friends forever

LONDON: Some birds are able to identify their human friends by recognizing their faces and voices, which is the key to their ability to survive, says a new study.

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Mursi wins Egyptian Presidential poll

CAIRO: Mr Mohammed Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood on Sunday  won Egypt’s hotly-contested presidential run-off beating former prime minister, Mr Ahmed Shafiq, as the Arab Spring that ousted strongman Mr Hosni Mubarak finally bore fruit, giving the country its first non-military president.

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