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NRI houses targeted for gold in UK

LONDON: Burglars armed with metal detectors and intimate knowledge of the purity of gold have been targeting houses belonging to people with origins in the Indian sub-continent, who traditionally preserve gold jewellery in the family for generations.

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Plasma zaps can decontaminate chicken meat

WASHINGTON: Plasma zaps can decontaminate uncooked poultry, a major source of outbeaks of foodborne illness caused by harmful bugs. The bacteria responsible for most foodborne illnesses, Campylobacter and Salmonella, are found to contaminate 70 per cent of tested chicken meat, especially their upper surfaces.

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Mathai to hold talks with top White House, State Dept officials

WASHINGTON: A host of bilateral and regional issues, including the Indo-US civil nuclear deal, Iranian sanctions and Pak-Afghan situation, are expected to figure prominently in the talks Foreign Secretary Mr Ranjan Mathai will have with top US officials during his visit here next week.

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Pak govt, military heading for fresh confrontation

ISLAMABAD: Days after the partial easing of their tensions over a mysterious memo, Pakistan’s government and army could be engaged in a fresh standoff over the issue of handing over control of all cantonment boards and military lands across the country to civilians.

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Human Rights Watch asks India not to back Syria

NEW YORK: Human Rights Watch has urged India not to stand by Syria as it comes under increasing attack over violation of human rights.
 The UN Security Council is considering a Moroccan draft resolution that includes demands that Syria end all rights abuses while putting down pro-democracy protests.

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