Saturday , 25 May 2019

World News

‘Clinton asked US envoys to spy on Indians over UNSC seat’

WASHINGTON: The US Secretary of State, Ms Hillary Clinton described India as a “self-appointed front-runner” for a permanent United Nations Security Council seat and directed US envoys to seek minute details about Indian diplomats stationed at the United Nations headquarters, according to classified documents released by WikiLeaks on Monday.

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Blasts kill Iran nuclear scientist

TEHRAN: Twin blasts in Iran’s capital killed a nuclear scientist and wounded another today, said state media reports that promptly blame Israeli agents on motorbikes of attaching the bombs to their cars.

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100 children hurt in China school stampede

BEIJING: Nearly 100 children were hurt in a stampede Monday at a primary school in China’s far-western Xinjiang region but no deaths have been reported, state media reported.

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US ‘stands in solidarity’ with India in mourning 26/11 victims

WASHINGTON: The Secretary of State, Ms Hillary Clinton today said the US “stands in solidarity” with India in mourning the victims of the 2008 Mumbai carnage and that “resolve and resilience” of the people is more powerful than terrorist guns and bombs.

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Indian woman, Krishna Arora gets Shilling Wall Tribute Award in Oz

MELBOURNE: An 80-year-old woman has become the first Indian to be honoured with the Shilling Wall Tribute award by the multicultural commission of the Australian state of Victoria for her outstanding contribution to the community through her “tele-cooking” services and an association helping senior citizens.

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US House resolution to back India’s UNSC bid

WASHINGTON: Indicating bipartisan support for India’s bid for a permanent UN Security Council seat, a Republican legislator has introduced a resolution in the US House of Representatives asking the world body to take the necessary steps.

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