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Russia braces for countrywide rallies demanding fresh polls

MOSCOW: The opposition parties spearheading the post election protests have threatened to widen their demonstrations country-wide as the Russian capital braced for a massive rally challenging just concluded polls which have sent Moscow's relations with Washington to an all time low.

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Obama names another Indian-American to key post

WASHINGTON: The President, Mr Barack Obama has named yet another Indian-American, Ms Preeta D Bansal, as a member of an independent agency promoting improvements in the efficiency, adequacy, and fairness of government procedures

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Brisk walk to cut chocolate

LONDON: A brisk 15-minute walk seems to be the easiest way to cut down chocolate consumption by half at the workplace. Even in stressful situations, office workers eat only half as much chocolate as they normally would after this short burst of physical activity, according to a new study.

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Oz minister backs India uranium deal

MELBOURNE/NEW DELHI:  Backing the ruling Labour Party’s decision to export uranium to India, the Australian Defence Minister, Mr Stephen Smith on Tuesday rejected a similar deal for Pakistan and said he looked forward to his visit to India that will focus on expanding maritime security between the two countries.

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58 dead in Afghan shrine blasts

KABUL: Twin blasts at Afghan shrines on the Shiite holy day of Ashura left at least 58 people dead on Tuesday, with one massive suicide attack in Kabul ripping through a crowd of worshippers including children.

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India, US seeking common ground on civil nuclear issue

WASHINGTON: India and the US are expected to seek a common ground on the implementation of civil nuclear deal when the Deputy Secretary of State, Mr William Burns travels to New Delhi later this month amid attempts by two sides to avoid rhetoric in public.

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