Friday , 24 May 2019

World News

Sri Lanka scraps emergency laws

COLOMBO: Sri Lanka today announced the lifting of the state of emergency imposed nearly 30 years ago to confront the threat from the Tamil Tigers.

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Ancient site in Pakistan found, lost and found again

ISLAMABAD: An ancient site that Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang 1,400 years ago described as the “tallest architectural building” in this part of Asia has been found again in Pakistan after it receded into oblivion following its excavation over a century back.

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Lifestyle influences age

LONDON: Previous studies had showed the key to living a longer life was all in our genes. However, new medical advice has suggested that our genetic make-up contribute just 25 per cent to how long we live.

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Quake jolts US East Coast, nuke plant shut down

WASHINGTON: A strong earthquake - similar to one that struck 67 years ago - on the US East Coast shut down a nuclear power plant and prompted evacuation of offices and precautionary closing of monuments in the capital.

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N Korea ready to impose WMD moratorium, resume nuke talks

MOSCOW: North Korea has expressed readiness to impose a moratorium on tests of weapons of mass-destruction and resume the stalled six-party talks on its nuclear programme, at a summit with Russia held at a secret facility in Siberia.

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Smoking induces chronic pain

WASHINGTON: A study has found that smokers are much more likely to report problems with persistent musculoskeletal pain than non-smokers.

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