Tuesday , 16 October 2018

World News

Krishna meets Hillary

NEW YORK: India on Tuesday conveyed its concerns to the US on issues like H1B visa fee hike, export control restrictions and outsourcing ban during a meeting between the External Affairs Minister, Mr S M Krishna and his counterpart, Ms Hillary Clinton here.

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Rescue cage arrives at Chilean mine

The first of three rescue capsules specially built to lift out 33 miners trapped since early August has arrived at the San Jose mine in Chile.  The man-size steel capsule, which was delivered on Saturday, will be used to pull the miners out one by one once one of the three rescue holes being drilled reach the men. The government says that should happen by early November or earlier if all goes well.

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British media mock India for Games disaster

LONDON: From raising issues of child labour to pointing to the “agonisingly inefficient infrastructure”, the British media today launched a scathing attack on the poor preparedness for the Commonwealth Games (CWG) that will begin in New Delhi on October 3.The upcoming Games was given prominent display in all the major newspapers here, with some using photographs to illustrate their point.

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