Sunday , 24 March 2019

Video News

Mahila Congress President refutes rumours of her arrest

The Congress spokespersons are allegedly been targeted over several fake news through various digital portals.After Congress spokesperson Sidhanant Buyao now, Mahila Congress Chief while refusing news of her arrest have filed a case against two men at Margao police station. Please like & share: Read More »

FDA says YES, fish with ‘permissible limit’ formalin safe to eat; experts say No!

The issue of formalin in the fish is becoming more and more confusing. The Food and Drugs Administration claims that they have not found any additional content of formalin in any fish.What they found is the natural formalin in the fish. But science experts and doctors don’t agree with this theory.They say this fish should be thrown out. And eat ... Read More »

Day after raids, Goan fish markets wear deserted look

There was something fishy about the raids that were conducted on wee hours of Thursday that has been a general sense among the public.A day after the raids over formalin content, prominent fish markets in Goa, especially Margao wore a deserted look. Now, that is precisely the mood on the ground. Fish lovers are in a dilemma and fish sellers ... Read More »

Fruits, Meat, Fish & even Milk naturally contains Formalin; but not all

Formalin means chemical called formaldehyde. Reports say that this chemical contains naturally in the environment. It can naturally be found in food items like fruits, vegetables, meats, fish and even milk. And the content per kilogram is from 2 milligram up to 140 milligram.Here is some information we googled and collected from quite a few authentic websites, which claims they ... Read More »

Are we consuming poisonous fish?

Is the fish you are consuming safe? It was an eventful Thursday dawn as FDA raided two prominent fish markets in Goa. Margao and Panaji.FDA raided 17 fish trucks from other states and found fish samples positive for hazardous chemical Formalin which is used to keep the fish fresh.Fishing in Goa is currently banned. But the demand is no less. ... Read More »

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan teachers stage dharna

69 Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan teachers staged a dharna outside secretariat.Despite repeated assurances, they are still left in the lurch. A group of them tried to meet the Chief Minister at the secretariat but to no avail.They are asking for jobs, better salary and better livelihood. Please like & share: Read More »

Chicalim Hospital: Staff shortage, patients suffer

The existing Chicalim Cottage Hospital is falling short in terms of infrastructural abilities. With more than 250 to 300 people visiting OPD every day, lack of staff at the hospital is one of the main concern.This hospital caters to entire Mormugao taluka which comprises four constituencies-Mormugao, Vasco, Dabolim and Cortalim. Please like & share: Read More »

Goa IT policy IN, Goans need not go OUT

Goa government has finally approved the long-awaited Information Technology Policy.It would be launched this weekend. Once implemented, IT Minister Rohan Khaunte claims that no Goan youth would need to go out of state, either to take IT jobs or to start their new ventures. It’s full of rebates, subsidies and incentives. Please like & share: Read More »

Govt decides to settle RP issues on case-to-case basis, introduces TDR

In spite of stiff opposition from the NGOs including the Church, Goa government has finally decided to go ahead with its decision to operationalise the existing Regional Plan, but with amendments to decide specific issues on case-to-case basis.The cabinet on Wednesday also approved amendments to the town and country planning act to bring into force the TDR – Transferrable Development ... Read More »

Anti-CRZ notification battle intensifies, NGOs-Pol Parties unite

The agitation against new CRZ notification is getting bigger with many NGOs under the banner Goans against CRZ 2018 and even Congress and Aam Aadmi party coming together to fight it out.And if the notification with all the amendments is not scrapped, they have threatened to approach the court. They are upset as they feel that though there have been ... Read More »