Sunday , 21 April 2019

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Mandrem BJP members under pressure: Vinay

Bharatiya Janata Party’s state President Vinay Tendulkar has claimed that members of Mandrem Mandal are presently under pressure.But the party would sort out the differences very soon and get everybody together to work for Dayanand Sopte in the by-election.Around 15 members of BJP Mandrem block had a press conference recently alleging that Tendulkar is misguiding the people by claiming that ... Read More »

Mandrem BJP workers say Tendulkar did not speak to them on pol situation, vow to defeat Sopte

The BJP Mandrem block has once again reiterated its stand that it was against the party decision to engineer the defection of Congress MLA Dayanand Sopte into the party.Party workers were quite vocal in saying that in case Sopte was given the ticket they would ensure that he lost. Please like & share: Read More »

Locals still not convinced of govt formalin checking ability

The formalin in fish issue refuses to die down as more and more lacunae in the checking seem to be popping up.The government has decided to crack down on fish coming into the state and banned it.An artificial shortage has been created in the market. Prices of fish have doubled. Please like & share: Read More »

Sattari alvara land belongs to sons of soils not govt, say villagers

Land in Sattari belongs to sons of soil and not to the government and villagers want government to accept this fact.The Sattari Bhumi-Putra Samitee has demanded that government withdraw all fraudulent amendments of land revenue code, and revoke the 10th May notification. Please like & share: Read More »

Fish import ban for 6 months: Vishwajit

The government has banned the import of fish into the state for six months. The ban will be in place till all measures like labs and compliance of fish traders are put into effect.The ban could be extended for another 6 months, the Health Minister Vishwajit Rane said on Saturday. But this is in case all measures are not in ... Read More »

Robbers break into goldsmith shop at Curchorem, decamp with gold, silver

A jewellery shop at Curchorem was broken into late Friday night and gold and silver worth more than one lakh twenty thousand stolen.The thieves entered by breaking open a hole in the wall of the neighbouring shop. Ashok Kolvekar shop situated in the market area was broken into during the night. Police investigations are on. This robbery is the latest ... Read More »

FC Goa fan assault, arrest: Story goes viral, condemnations pour in

The assault and the arrest of a FC Goa fan and his parents has attracted universal condemnation.The ISL security and had come under scrutiny for their allegedly highhanded ways.And the casino based ownership of a club by the name FC Goa too has been the topic of discussion in Goan homes. But despite this the clubs diehard fans have been ... Read More »

Goa Govt planning fresh delegations to Delhi by next week on mining

Goa’s ruling politicians have still not given up though centre has rejected the proposal of issuing ordinance on mining act.Union minister Shripad Naik has said the issue would be sorted out in the next 15 days.And Speaker Pramod Sawant has told the mining dependents that they would meet central leaders by next week. Please like & share: Read More »

Where are the Ache Din, asks Cong as it protests on the demonetisation anniversary

The Goa Congress held a protest in the capital city against what they alleged was the failure of the demonetisation policy of the government.This part of the nationwide protests held by the party on the 2 anniversary of demonetisation.The Congress has demanded an apology from PM Modi for making false promises to the people. Please like & share: Read More »

AAP attacks govt on casinos, governance

Aam Admi Party says that the governance in the state is dead.But there is one exception– any decision on casinos.AAP criticized the government for trying to make Goa into Las Vegas referring to the bill slated to make a gaming zone in Mopa and for allowing the exchange of casino boats irrespective of size. Please like & share: Read More »