Friday , 19 April 2019

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Mining dependents to block NH, show black flags to BJP MPs

Parliament session is over.But no bill on amending Mining Act.And till date, no news of meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.Mining dependents have thus decided to block the national highway on 21st January if meeting with PM does not take by 16th January. Please like & share: Read More »

Homeless Mopa Dhangars crying for land ownership

Displaced dhangars of Mopa have come up with a strange request. They don’t want to live in the new concrete houses they have been provided. Because they are falling.Instead, they prefer to rebuild their houses in Kasarvarne with the wooden material of old houses. This is the kind of confidence our government is building among the poor people. Please like ... Read More »

Cong opposes logistic hub in Panaji

Congress has opposed the logistic park which is to be come up in Panaji.Congress feels that having the logistic park in the capital would worsen the chaos already present especially with regard to roads and water supply. Congress has demanded that government announce a white paper on the project and inform everybody how many Goans would get jobs at the ... Read More »

Passengers hit by Goa Bandh, KTC provides little relief

The Goa Bandh had a partial impact on the daily routine in the tourist state on Wednesday but passengers were largely affected.Total bandh was witnessed only in Bicholim, with market shut down.Passengers had to face a tough time as private buses remained off the road in most of the parts of Goa.Ferry services were also shut down in the morning. ... Read More »

Babu threatens arrest of house contractor of Mopa

Minister and Pedne MLA Babu Azgaonkar has threatened the contractor to put him behind the bars for constructing sub-standard quality of houses for the displaced Dhangars of Mopa airport.These houses started collapsing even before they started living there.Babu has now demanded guarantee certificate of these houses.The Airport Authority of India provided alternate shelter to Dhangars of Mopa in Kasarvarne village. ... Read More »

Strike Day 1 successful, Goa Bandh on Wed

The two-day nationwide strike has begun. The general strike was quite successful on Tuesday.All the main central government establishments as well as nationalised banks were closed, besides some local industries.And Wednesday is Goa Bandh. No private buses, rickshaws and motorcycle pilots. Only Kadamba buses and taxis. Please like & share: Read More »

Bus fare hiked, Pvt buses refuse to accept

Goa government has hiked the bus fare by two rupees.But private bus owners have refused to accept it.They don’t want more hike, but to change the same pattern with some changes. They have thus decided not to charge hiked fare to the passengers.But Kadamba Transport Corporation has already started charging the hiked fare. Please like & share: Read More »

Mopa Dhangars made homeless, Babu held responsible

This is really a sad story of Dhanagars who sacrificed their houses and land for Mopa airport.The Civil Aviation Department had built them pukka houses at Casarvarne. Even before they could move into it, these houses are showing signs of damage. As a result, they are presently living in the open. Please like & share: Read More »

Mining dependents demand to attach miners’ ore, Sudin assures PM meeting by 16 Jan

Mining dependents have become aggressive.They marched to the residence of PWD minister Sudin Dhavalikar and compelled him to seek Prime Minister’s appointment by 16th January.They also want government to sell the confiscated ore of miners and continue salary of workers till mining restarts.Over 300 members of Goa Mining People’s Front marched to Sudin Dhavalikar’s residence on Monday morning. Please like ... Read More »