Friday , 26 April 2019

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If referendum held in Maharashtra today, they would vote to join Goa: Vijai

TCP Minister Vijai Sardesai has said If an opinion poll was held in Maharashtra today to merge the state into Goa, Maharashtrians would vote to join Goa.He said Goa has marched ahead in development making it one of the most progressive states in the country. Vijai unveiled a bust of Jack Sequeira at Merces junction on the 53rd Opinion Poll ... Read More »

Cabral pulls up the Margao power dept

Power Minister Nilesh Cabral expressed his sadness over the electricity department’s working style and untidy condition of the office. Here’s more.It was really bad day for the engineers.Cabral pulled them scolded them on each and every issue.Cabral checked files and meter testing lab and gave officials necessary instructions.He later inspected the scrap yard of electricity department. Watch Cabral and the ... Read More »

It’s 2019: But Savoi Verem residents still face acute shortage of water, bad roads

Shortage of water is an everyday occurrence to residents of Khedde in Savoi Verem village. Imagine, in this time and day they have to trek 10 kms to get water. Residents also say that the state of the roads are extremely bad. Here’s more.Khedde residents are forced to fetch water from a spring which is 10 kilometres away. Please like ... Read More »

Michael blames Parrikar for tourism chaos

Deputy Speaker Michael Lobo of the Bharatiya Janata Party has once again hit out at his own chief minister Manohar Parrikar.This time for not issuing orders to bring nuisance created by tourists under control.He has also sought assurance from the police that tourist would be fined only for not wearing helmets and not other traffic rule violations. Please like & ... Read More »

Vaghurme witnesses ‘Political Jugalabandi’ between Gawade & Dhavalikar

It was a royal treat for the people of Vaghurme in Priol constituency when two political rivals came together and had a political jugalbandi. MGP minister Sudin Dhavalikar and Independent Minister Govind Gawade. The occasion was to inaugurate the hotmixing of the road.It was almost like pehle tum, pehle tum when it came to break the coconut to launch the ... Read More »

Mahila Congress committee revived

The Mahila Congress committee Goa has been revamped. It has brought many new faces.On Tuesday State Mahila Congress committee President Pratima Couthino announced the new committee members. Please like & share: Read More »

BJP would face defeat if public aspirations on mining not met

Goa Forward supremo Vijay Sardessai has cautioned his alliance partner BJP that it would suffer in the upcoming elections if they do not take regional aspirations into consideration. He was referring to mining. Here’s more.Vijay said that it is a must for the party to follow regional aspirations or else they won’t get public support. Please like & share: Read More »

Fatal accidents lowest in 15 years in 2018: DGP

The state police have managed to reduce the number of fatalities by 20 per cent, the lowest in 15 years. The total number of fatalities was 262 when compared to 328 in 2017.DGP Muktesh Chander said that 19683 licenses were seized and forwarded for suspension to the transport department. He also said that there was a 48% increase in prosecution ... Read More »

NCP condemns police harassment of tourist, 3 day assembly session

The NCP has condemned what it calls harassment of tourists by the traffic police on the roads. NCP vice president Sanjay Barde also criticised the government for its plans to have only a three day assembly session. Here’s the story.The number of tourists in the state have decreased this season. Please like & share: Read More »

Nandkumar M Kamat Lunopolitics is global race, a competition between nations to land on, claim space, map and mine resources on the moon. There is lot of talk in India by ISRO about lunar exploration but without any long term definite plans to overtake China. The insecurity and immaturity of the Indian scientific community was also exposed when they failed ... Read More »