Thursday , 24 January 2019


From a Chapel to a Cathedral Se Cathedral, Old Goa

Sanjeev Sardesai After having passed through the portals of the Bom Jesus Basilica and being awed by the exterior and interiors of this magnificent edifice, let us now turn our feet to another jewel in the crown of the World Heritage site – The Se Cathedral. Old Goa was called as the ‘Rome of the East’ for the very reason ... Read More »

Summer fruits

Rohini Diniz The list of summer fruits is incomplete without mentioning the variety of berries available during this season. Berries like jambuls, karvanadas (wild cherry), boram and chunnam grow wild in the forests while strawberries and mulberries are cultivated. Jambuls or zambllam as it is known in Goa are abundantly available in the markets during summer. The fruit is dark ... Read More »

Let food be thy medicine

Sujal Torgal Patil The aim of Ayurved is two fold, firstly it is swasthya rakshan or preserving an individual’s good health and secondly, it is vikaar prashaman or curing disorders of a diseased individual. The knowledge of ayurveda is devoted to these two attributes. While we have discussed the importance of dietetics for the maintenance of good health in terms ... Read More »

Bursting bubbles for diabetics

Deepika Rathod Many people come to me with high levels of blood sugar and on assessing them I come to know that most of their food habits are almost ok, but they all have to keep up with their lifestyle and for that they end up drinking soda, aerated drinks or packaged juices at a party or meeting. Diet coke, ... Read More »

Giant: Once upon a time in Texas

RAMNATH N PAI RAIKAR | NT NETWORK Debonair actor, James Dean, remembered as a cultural icon of teenage disillusionment and social estrangement, died young at the age of 24 and has since found a place of pride in the annals of Hollywood. In fact, Dean’s premature death in a car crash, which cemented his legendary status happened when the production ... Read More »

Golden year of preserving culture

With the Shigmo celebrations in the state underway, the capital city is all set to celebrate the annual Shigmo Parade with participation of people from all over Goa today, March 18. In this season of festivity NT BUZZ speaks to the founding member of the Shigmo Committee, Timoteo Fernandes, who will be felicitated by Panaji Shigmotsav Samiti to mark 50 ... Read More »

Dance Festival set to enthral Goan audience

NT BUZZ The 23rd edition of the prestigious Classical Dance Festival jointly organised by Kala Academy Goa and West Zone Cultural Centre, Udaipur will be held on from March 18 to March 20, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. every day at the precincts of Mahalasa Devasthan, Mardol. The festival which is considered amongst top ten classical dance festivals of India will ... Read More »

Most labour intensive foods one can eat

Zubin Dsouza When Donald Trump launched his anti-immigration policy, he was obviously focusing on what he felt was best for the American people. He envisioned an America where the jobs and industries were for the American people and he did not want cheap labour coming in from other countries and taking away what the Americans should rightfully have. Unfortunately, he ... Read More »

Now is an exciting time for South Indian food

Vir Sanghvi It’s strange but in most of India it is actually easier to get ‘Chinese food’ than it is to find a South Indian restaurant. And nearly everywhere abroad, when you ask for ‘Indian food’, you will get some variation of North Indian cuisine: tandoori chicken or rogan josh or naan. When you do get South Indian food in ... Read More »

Bengaluru to Masinagudi: Forest safari

Supriya Unni Nair So, can you tell us what places (notorious dacoit) Veerappan is said to have visited in Masinagudi?” my husband asked the elderly gentleman who had helped us with directions to our resort in Bokkapuram in Tamil Nadu. The gentleman laughed and said wryly, “He used to pray at all the Vana devi (forest deity) temples all over ... Read More »