Tuesday , 25 September 2018


How fresh does your food have to be?

Zubin Dsouza Have you ever waited patiently at a greengrocer’s or at a vegetable or fruit vendor’s store whilst some ninny fondled all the produce in the pursuit of the perfect combination of freshness and ripeness? Whilst these nameless and faceless wonders block the entire section as they spread their arms and legs wide, blocking access to counters, one can’t ... Read More »

Cremeux: Taking over the cafe scene in Goa

Kuheli Bhattacharya Rane Panaji has become a hub for cafes big and small, one can find international giant conglomerates and entrepreneurial home grown cafes in and around the city. This week we cover a café that has grown from being a quaint little Goan café in the sleepy village of Santa Cruz to a chain of bake shops with three ... Read More »

Panaji – A city honours and remembers its past

Sanjeev Sardesai Honoured are those sons and daughters of the soil, whose memory is celebrated in the land of their birth! Goa too has had its fair share of such illustrious personalities, who have not only left their indelible mark, in Goa and India, but have found glory, in the sacred arenas of wisdom through prestigious union of intellectuals, the ... Read More »

Nutrition challenge for women Part III

Rohini Diniz In addition to whole grain cereals, lunch and dinner should consist of plenty of vegetables every day. It is not only the quantity of vegetables that is important but variety too. Except for root vegetables, all other vegetables are low in calories, have high water content and are rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Include green leafy ... Read More »

Trying to kick the cigarette butt? 10 myths about quitting smoking busted

AFP, New Delhi If you’ve been trying to quit smoking but have not been able to so far, here we debunk 10 common myths about smoking for you to boost your motivation. Quitting smoking requires willpower Quitting smoking isn’t a question of willpower or good intentions. It’s a question of genuine reasons and motivation. You shouldn’t stop smoking to please ... Read More »

Making India Opera ready

  Janice Rodrigues |NT BUZZ When professionals in their own right get together, they often will come up with something that is exceptionally good. And that is exactly what soprano Patricia Rozario, pianist Mark Troop and clarinettist Joan-Enric Lluna have achieved. They now bring their magic to the Goan shores in the concert that will bring with it the finest ... Read More »

When art and heritage meet

A grand ancestral house in Chandor ‘Grandeza’ will play host to an exhibition titled Melting Pot where ten artists from across the country will exhibit their works. NT BUZZ speaks to the curator of the exhibition Alex Rodrigues to know more Please like & share: Read More »

Just Relax (Your Hair)

BINA PUNJANI The top 3 hair problems faced by women in Goa? Frizz, frizz and… you guessed it, frizz! The humidity in the air makes tresses difficult to manage for most and almost impossible for many. Now, there are many ways one can work with this – getting the right cut, using the right products and hairstyling techniques, and of ... Read More »

Accidents that made their way on to bar menus

Zubin Dsouza Gone are the days when you walked into a bar and asked the friendly barkeep for a ‘large’ one or ‘two fingers’ of a run-of-the-mill scotch. Bartenders now pride themselves as being mixologists and although they may add a dramatic touch and a lot of flair, they essentially serve you concoctions that may comprise of several liquids in ... Read More »

Love and food, the joys of life

After nineteen successful years of serving European food in Pune’s Korgaon Park, Navtej Sawney has set foot in Goa, at Candolim with Arthur’s Theme. Offering a large variety of European dishes created for food lovers, he’s kept in mind the Indian palate and has spiced up some dishes. With a unique menu that features names you’ve probably read in history ... Read More »