Tuesday , 11 December 2018


Ayurveda for healthy eyes

Sujal Torgal Patil We are usually ignorant about the health of our eyes which are very sensitive and therefore need utmost care. Minor eye issues are usually ignored until they become difficult to cure. When it comes to gradually progressive eye disorders we need to realise something. Prodromal or early signs and symptoms of eye disorders like burning of eyes, ... Read More »

Tackling hypothyroidism

Deepika Rathod Thyroid disease is a condition that affects the functioning of the thyroid gland; a butterfly-shape gland in front of the neck. It pays a crucial role in controlling profuse metabolic processes in the body like producing hormones, maintaining homeostasis and even the ability of burning calories. The thyroid utilises iodine from the food we eat to produce an ... Read More »

Frenzy: The necktie murders

RAMNATH N PAI RAIKAR | NT NETWORK The penultimate feature film of his extensive career, ‘Frenzy’ had Alfred Hitchcock depicting serial murders taking place in London. ‘Frenzy’, which was the first film that Hitchcock shot in England since ‘Stage Fright’ (1950), is widely regarded as a return-to-form of the Master of Suspense, following mixed-to-poor critical and box office response to his ... Read More »

Wendell’s ‘Poskem’ A long-overdue apology

Wendell Rodricks’ most recent book “Poskem” has been creating a buzz long before it hit the stands. Ahead of its Goa release on Monday, July 17, NT BUZZ caught up with the author to gain insight into one of Goan society’s dark open secrets Janice Savina Rodrigues | NT BUZZ Wendell Rodricks has donned many hats, that of fashion designer, ... Read More »

Laugh along with Abijit Ganguly

NT BUZZ This Sunday, be sure to add laughter to your schedule, as Goa will host yet another stand-up comedian, this time at the plush venue overlooking the River Mandovi.  June 16 will have stand-up comedian Abijit Ganguly making people laugh at everyday situations at the Hotel Crown. Abijit Ganguly has been performing comedy for over six years, and is ... Read More »

An anthem for Mars

There is so much happening around us in the world, and to make a difference to the world, 31-year-old opera singer of Goan origin, Oscar Dom Victor Castellino has composed an anthem named ‘Rise to Mars’ dedicated to the planet Mars. In conversation with NT BUZZ, Oscar talks about how the idea to compose this anthem came to his mind, ... Read More »

Understanding the ancient art of enamelling

VENITA GOMES | NT BUZZ The art of enamelling is an ancient technique that has been passed down through generations. The technique was popularly used for decorative purposes on objects such as metal, precious and semi precious stones. Till date you can come across this kind of artistic jewellery – bracelets, pendants, rings, necklaces, etc, made through the process of ... Read More »

Food paradox: How did we reach this stage?

Zubin Dsouza Growing up in the midst of a slum in Bombay meant that we did not have too many luxuries during our formative years. However there is always a difference between being in prison and being imprisoned. The former state allows your body to be locked behind bars while your mind is free to soar to lofty heights. Books ... Read More »

Cook up a storm with these award winning delicacies

NT BUZZ Last week we announced the winners of The Navhind Times culinary competition, The Goan Woman Chef of the Year, in partnership with Taj Exotica Goa. This week NT BUZZ brings to you the recipes of the winning entries.   1st prize – Sarita Fernandes Bebinca Ingredients: l 3 cups thick coconut milk l 1 nutmeg, grated l 200 ... Read More »

Sattari to Sanguem – Fossilised forests to religious artistry

Sanjeev Sardesai Words may never be able to do justice to sites and locales that lie in and around the taluka of Sattari. This is one cauldron of life, where discoveries take place every day… almost! However, it cannot be over-ruled that Sattari should be a must-see destination, on every visitor’s itinerary, but with a strict proviso – leave nature ... Read More »