Wednesday , 21 November 2018


The Great Oktoberfest

Zubin Dsouza In 1814 an incredible event took place which flooded certain streets in London with beer. It wasn’t a very happy occasion because a rupture in a beer vat belonging to a brewery let loose a night of mayhem that caused a million and half litres of beer to fill the streets, homes, drown several people including toddlers and ... Read More »

Whose curry is it anyway?

Vir Sanghvi Indians have a complicated relationship with the word ‘curry’? At one level, we resent the way in which it has come to define our cuisine. There is, we confidently assure foreigners, no such word as curry in any Indian language. We never even refer to gravy dishes as curries. We prefer a variety of terms, derived from Indian ... Read More »

Ponda A journey into its connectivity

Sanjeev V Sardesai The lands of Ponda are cuddled between high mountain peaks, giving it the possible identity of a “phond”, which in local parlance would mean a ‘deep trough’. The cherished child of nature, it lies between the Mandovi River to its North and the River Zuari to its South. Towards the East, as we proceed to Old Goa, ... Read More »

Take a vacation like a boss

Indo Asian News Service Taking a break is the best executive decision one can make, isn’t it? Entrepreneurs and top executives are often admired for their non-stop drive and crazy hours, and the rise of entrepreneurial culture has also popularised the “earn till you burn” ethos. However, research proves that working without a break can seriously jeopardise business, health and ... Read More »

Carb facts

Rohini Diniz The glycemic index (GI) is assigned only to food containing carbohydrates and has three ratings. Foods with a GI score of 55 or less are low GI foods, those with scores of 56-69 are medium GI foods and those with a score of 70 and above are high GI foods. Foods with low-GI values are slowly digested and ... Read More »

Transforming education with political will, and passion

Atishi Marlena, the former education advisor to Delhi’s deputy CM Manish Sisodia might be a contender for the Lok Sabha seat for East Delhi constituency, but at her heart is education. The brain behind changing the face of the public education system, Atishi was recently in Goa to inaugurate the AAP Office in South Goa. She also spoke at symposium ... Read More »

Chaturang Theatre Festival is back

NT Buzz Theatre lovers are in for a treat as Swastik–Panaji is organising its seventh edition of Chaturang Theatre Festival from October 12 to October 14 at DMK, Kala Academy. Critically acclaimed plays in Hindi, English and Marathi and two stand-up comedy acts will be staged this year. This edition is dedicated to the great Goan thespian Tatoba Velingkar. The ... Read More »

Sustainable fashion in the limelight

NT BUZZ The sixth edition of The Green Fashion India, an international conference on sustainable fashion by MKSSS School of Fashion Technology (SOFT), Pune got underway on October 5 at Kala Academy, Panaji. The two day conference which had in its audience fashion design students from different institutes and an array of fashion experts was inaugurated by the chief guest, ... Read More »

Large plate, large appetite

Zubin D’souza A couple of decades ago the entire world was riveted to any news that came out of the Japanese island of Okinawa. This tiny dot that lay in the China Sea had managed to produce the largest number of centenarians. There were literally hundreds of people who lived to be above hundred. Although spending a century alive on ... Read More »

A tribute to the beetle

Janice Savina Rodrigues | NT BUZZ Porvorim is soon getting the tag of a satellite city, with its ever growing urban landscape. With its close proximity to the two commercial centres in North Goa, Panaji and Mapusa, the erstwhile village has gained ground for the rapidly expanding economy of the state. Porvorim sports a myriad commercial establishments and this is reason ... Read More »