Wednesday , 12 December 2018


Woman with a mission

An enterprising woman, Sonu Dabral, has launched a new website called ‘The Bitches’, to bring together women from all walks of life. NT BUZZ caught up with Dabral to know more about the initiative Janice Savina Rodrigues|NT BUZZ Women are often considered to be a step behind their male counterparts especially in a place like India. Though there are highly ... Read More »

Lola – elegant, stylish clothing comes to goa

Suman B has been a name fashion savvy people may have heard of, born and brought up in Goa, Suman has now launched her store Lola by Suman B in the capital city. NT BUZZ caught up with the designer to know more about her style and line Janice Savina Rodrigues |NT BUZZ Sometimes you develop a hobby in childhood ... Read More »

Bardez: Massive fortification and an exodus of visitors

Sanjeev Sardesai In the last article, we travelled to Verem – Reis Magos village and traversed the amazing fort there. This is but one of the five fortifications that we find in the Bardez Taluka. Many of these are unseen and unknown to the local people, but make a fantastic destination, especially if you are with the company of youth. ... Read More »

The buzzing B’s

Rohini Diniz Pantothenic acid is another vitamin of the B-complex family and is also known as vitamin B-5. It is an integral part of Coenzyme A (CoA) which is a central molecule involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. CoA plays a unique role in integrating the various metabolic pathways as more than 70 enzymes are known to ... Read More »

Doctor Dolittle: The grand ‘zoomanitarian’

RAMNATH N PAI RAIKAR | NT NETWORK There is no business like show business, more so film business! When 20th Century Fox, one of the major American film studios enjoyed spectacular success with its 1965 blockbuster, ‘The Sound of Music’, the studio executives tried to replicate it by producing three elaborate and expensive musicals over a period of three years: ... Read More »

Dussehra– Celebrating victory

Dussehra also referred to Vijayadashami, a Hindu festival which signifies the triumph of good over evil will be widely celebrated today across India. The festival is held on the tenth day after the nine nights of Navratri. NT BUZZ speaks to few Hindus in Goa and finds out more about their celebrations Ramandeep Kaur | NT BUZZ The festival of ... Read More »

A tribute to the humble pao and Goa’s green ecology

Festivals that revolve around reviving traditional music, folk art and occupations have been organised over the last few years in the state. With the similar intention, twin festivals ‘Poderachem Fest’ and ‘Zaddacho Utsav’ organised by Socorro Socio Art and Cultural Association, Porvorim will be held from September 30 to October 2 at Socorro Church Gardens, Socorro. NT BUZZ looks into ... Read More »

Indian street food that you must try before you die

Zubin Dsouza I was heading an Indian restaurant in Hong Kong several years ago. The menu was eclectic, varied and definitely not the regular fare that you find in most Indian restaurants. It was food that was traditional yet belonged to very specific regions from around our vast nation; the food was so region-specific that it almost never made it ... Read More »

Move over rice and wheat, here are the new-age grains

Vir Sanghvi What do you suppose was the staple crop of our ancestors? The only cereal mentioned in the Rig Veda? The everyday grain of the people of the Indus Valley Civilisation? If you answered rice, you would be wrong. There is a long and honourable Indian tradition of rice cultivation (South Indians may not be thrilled to know that ... Read More »

Bardez: Fascinating fortification of Reis Magos

Sanjeev V Sardesai It would be incorrect to assume that Bardez shot into prominence in the mid 1960’s, when the ‘flower children’ locally known as ‘hippies’ descended on this paradise, and stamped their presence for the decades to come. This taluka is very historic and one can put their adventurous spirit to test by hopping from “fort-to-fort”. Yes, you will ... Read More »