Friday , 24 May 2019


The Robe: CinemaScope arrives with Biblical tale

RAMNATH N PAI RAIKAR | NT NETWORK The global film industry, from time to time, has developed advanced techniques for making movie viewing, a better and more pleasurable experience. In 1953, the president of the Twentieth Century Fox, Spyros P Skouras introduced CinemaScope Read More »

Click or pick – What’s your choice?

With a lot of online shopping sites and apps available on the internet many users accessing these for many reasons including convenience, variety and wider choice, lower prices, cash on delivery, easy returns and replacement etc. Curious to know what’s the shopping trend in Goa NT BUZZ spoke to a few people to find out if they prefer conventional or ... Read More »

‘Xempdeanchem Pursanv’ in the Se Cathedral

Goa’s Catholic community followed a solemn service yesterday, Good Friday. The services held in the Se Cathedral, Old Goa saw hundreds of devotees pay their respects to crucified Christ. Here the Catholics were witness to the unique procession popularly known as the ‘Xempdeanchem Pursanv’.  Read More »

The Last Supper

Zubin Dsouza   Gather around while I tell you a story. It is one of the oldest stories known to man. It is a story that has raged and debated for over two millennia. It is a story that has two camps – those of the believers and those of the naysayers. Read More »

Ahoy! Welcome aboard Moira’s food escape

Just a month short of a completing a year, this quaint yet very promising café in Moira should be on your bucket list irrespective if you’re a resident or a traveller. Run by a family whose passion is good food; expect nothing less than the best in Goan delicacies and cuisines of around the world Read More »

Facts about cholesterol

Rohini Diniz    The amount and type of dietary fat consumed by an individual has a great influence on the blood cholesterol levels. The type and amount of carbohydrate in the diet also plays a role. Dietary cholesterol also matters but to a smaller extent. Read More »

Reveal the beauty within

Sujal Torgal Patil The cosmetic industry today is swearing on a lot of miracle products which change one’s skin tone in a week or fortnight, and shampoos which arrest hair fall after one usage. Prematurely grey hair, dull lack lustrous or split hair, dandruff, baldness, ageing skin, pigmentation, acne, blemishes, etc, are common today. This can be attributed to erratic ... Read More »

Improving skin’s elasticity

Deepika Rathod   Stretch marks typically look like parallel lines or a band on the skin. These lines may vary in colour (from purple to bright pink to light gray) and texture compared to normal skin. Stretch marks are slight ridges or indentations on the skin that can be felt. Read More »

Sensuous stills– Leonardo Pucci captures intimate moments

Self-taught photographer Leonardo Pucci has lived in various cities across the world, being a fashion photographer. His debut solo exhibition titled ‘Episodes (without a real order)’, showcases private, intimate moments in the lives of individuals or couples, capturing vulnerabilities as well as their sensual side. He speaks to NT BUZZ between catching flights en-route Goa in a very interesting conversation ... Read More »