Monday , 16 July 2018


Flaunt your favourite poetry with Meer

Designer, Mrinalini Chandra for the first time has displayed her everyday wear silver jewellery collection titled ‘Meer’ at the on-going popup bazaar called Shower of Gifts at Vivanta by Taj, Panaji. Her designs of maang tikkas, earrings, necklace, bangles, brooch and others have been worn by Bollywood celebrities like Karishma Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra, Vani Kapoor, Huma Qureshi and ... Read More »

History of Indian curry

Zubin Dsouza Travelling through the United Kingdom is always a pleasure. I have never really come here for pleasure, it has almost always been a work associated trip. The short escapes from the confines of my kitchen however are extremely enjoyable. I enjoy the sheer beauty of the place; both the created and natural sceneries. I am totally in love ... Read More »

Say cheese!

Vir Sanghvi There are many wonderful foods that are part of the Indian tradition. But cheese is not one of them. Unlike many other societies that revere milk, India has no history of cheese making. In fact, one view has it that even paneer, that essential component of the vegetarian diet, was introduced to India by Europeans. We refused to ... Read More »

Goa’s story etched in stone

Sanjeev V Sardesai In Hindi there is a saying for the concept of trust and honour – ‘Patthar pe lakir’ or that ‘a person’s word, is a line drawn in stone’. Goa offers folk tales that inform us of the attribute of having clamed even the ferocious goddess Durga into a calm “Sri Shantadurga”. There are many enlightening experiences in ... Read More »

Talk on ‘Innovation and Technology in Indian Movement Arts’

NT BUZZ MOG Sundays is an initiative to bring to the public a series of talks, films and expressions from stalwarts of various creative fields, across the globe. The event curated by Subodh Kerkar is hosted every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Museum of Goa in Pilerne. This Sunday there will be a talk by Jayachandran ... Read More »

Japanese bathhouse, a must visit on your next trip

Associated Press Japan is proud of its bathing traditions and onsen, or hot springs resort. For many Westerners, though, the fact that these traditions involve being naked with strangers is awkward at best, even though men and women bathe separately. Nothing is more relaxing after a tiring day of sightseeing than a long soak where one can experience authentic culture ... Read More »

‘Goal Mar’ this FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup 2018 has begun and the Goans are gripped by the football fever. Hence, on behalf of the state, Pio Agnelo Fernandes, a football fan and sports and fitness enthusiast, with singer Sabino Dias and music director Melroy Rodrigues and video director, Josephfern D’Souza have released a World Cup song titled ‘Goal Mar’ under the banner of ... Read More »

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Rohini Diniz Quit smoking: Cigarette smoking harms nearly every organ of the body and is a preventable cause of death all over the world. Cigarettes contain tobacco, nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide and a host of other toxic compounds that damage the body. These toxins enter the blood stream and cause damage to the heart and circulatory system thereby increasing the ... Read More »

Incorporating yoga every day, the right way

Sujal Torgal Patil Vyayam or exercise is crucial and should ideally be an inseparable part of one’s daily regimen according to ayurveda. According to Acharya Charak the definition of vyayama is ‘such a mannered physical action which is desirable and capable of bringing about bodily stability and strength’. It underlines the importance that was attributed to physical fitness thousands of ... Read More »

For an emotionally and physically balanced life…

Deepika Rathod June 21 is celebrated as International Yoga Day in order to spread awareness about the enumerable health benefits of yoga, ranging from flexibility and strength, weight loss, a calm and happy mind to overall good health. Due to the combination of yoga with body, mind and breath, we gain countless benefits. As you balance your mind, body and ... Read More »