Wednesday , 20 March 2019


South Indian monsoon destinations that are beautiful and afforadable, check these out

Best monsoon destinations: Monsoon can be the best time to travel, not just because of beautiful, rain-drenched landscapes but also cheap air fares. Here are a few picturesque destinations to checkout in South India Asian News International Monsoon getaways in India are sadly underrated. Common notion is that all the vacay-worthy spots are gloomy during the monsoon season. What if ... Read More »

Alcoholic beverages: Balancing benefits and risks

Rohini Diniz The liver is the organ worst affected by chronic alcoholism. During the process of breakdown of alcohol, the liver releases toxic by-products which damage liver cells leading to inflammation and a variety of problems such as fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, fibrosis and cirrhosis. Not only does alcoholic liver disease affect liver function itself, it also damages the brain. ... Read More »


Sujal Torgal Patil One is likely to suffer from a digestive problem far easily than any other health issue these days. Everybody seems to have one or more issues which over a period of time culminate into incurable disorders and syndromes. Hyperacidity or acid indigestion is one such common disorder which has become a part of modern lifestyle. Almost 60 ... Read More »

This too shall pass

Deepika Rathod Have you ever felt stacked up because your morning motion wasn’t great and did not clear up? This also happens when the stomach isn’t clean as such. What are the reasons for such issues? These problems can be caused due to low fibre diets, repeatedly ignoring the urge to go, less hydration, lack of exercise and sometimes even ... Read More »

The Boys from Brazil: Reviving Nazism

RAMNATH N PAI RAIKAR | NT NETWORK By 1970, Hollywood had its fill of films based on the true as well as imaginary incidents from the Second World War, and moved to storylines which dealt with tracking down Nazis hiding all over the world. ‘The Odessa File’ (1974) and ‘The Marathon Man’ (1976) were two of such many films. ‘The ... Read More »

Healing through lifestyle

Deepika Rathod Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease which affects the central nervous system of our body. When afflicted with this condition, our defence mechanism – immune system – destroys the protective lining which covers the nerves and hence the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves in the eyes are greatly affected. Multiple Sclerosis refers to enumerable areas of tissue scarring ... Read More »

Rocky: The king of the ring

RAMNATH N PAI RAIKAR | NT NETWORK ‘Rocky’ (1976) is one of the iconic movies made in Hollywood which not only mesmerised audiences as well as the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences when released, but also spawned seven sequels, from 1979 to 2018. It also made Sylvester Stallone a phenomenon overnight; Stallone literally fitting the ... Read More »

Stitch purrs his way to PETA’s Cutest Rescued Cat Alive contest

It is a big achievement for Tania Rodrigues from Sancoale whose rescued cat Stitch has qualified for the final round of PETA’s 2018 Cutest Rescued Cat Alive contest. The cat lover speaks to NT BUZZ about her adorable pets SACHI NAIK | NT BUZZ Rescued cat ‘Stitch’ from Goa was selected as a finalist at PETA’s 2018 Cutest Rescued Cat ... Read More »

18 Tiatr groups to participate in Tiatr ‘B’ Group Competition

NT BUZZ 18 tiatr groups are getting set to compete this year for the fifth Tiatr Competition ‘B’ Group of Kala Academy which will be held from August 1 to September 5, every evening from 7 p.m. at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao. As per the programme, the inaugural show ‘Godd, Ambott, Thik’ written by Milagres Carneiro will be staged on August ... Read More »

Food in the time of war

Zubin Dsouza War is a terrible thing to live through. It is also a time to judge true character. Living through war can be a hellish situation for both soldiers and civilians. It takes a lot of grit; it takes a load of courage and it definitely takes a whole load of innovation should you want to come out sane ... Read More »