Wednesday , 14 November 2018



With special interest in autism, Nandita D’Souza, a noted developmental and behavioral paediatrician has been working extensively in the field of child and family mental health for about two decades. Synonymous with Sethu in Goa that has reached out to several children and families, she speaks to NT BUZZ laying great emphasis on early intervention which she says is the ... Read More »

‘I feel I am an average looking guy’- Sidharth Malhotra

NT BUZZ “I feel when things do not go your way then you cannot do something about it.  But you got to have faith in yourself and life because what you believe in and what you tried did not really fail. It is more difficult to handle success when things are going your way and when you have the power ... Read More »

Gina’s artistic encounter

‘Gination’ is 21-year-old Gina Pegado’s maiden art and craft venture. The Anjuna girl works with various handicraft, mementos, customised gifts and decorations. What started as a hobby, has now become a small home-based business. In conversation with NT BUZZ Gina speaks more about her creative venture VENITA GOMES| NT BUZZ For many art and craft classes in school are fun ... Read More »

What you could expect to eat at a Roman orgy

Zubin D’Souza I have always believed that when a person or a society is denied a certain thing, it is only then that the craving and the longing increases. The era of Prohibition in the United States brought about and cemented the rule of the Mafia. Amsterdam being the epitome of liberalisation towards marijuana sees only a miniscule section of ... Read More »

Getting the good sausage

Vir Sanghvi Ask me what my favourite convenience food is and I’ll tell you that it is the sausage. At any given time, my fridge is full of sausages. I have all kinds: spicy Italian sausages, meaty-but-sweet Chinese sausages, pimenton-packed chorizo from Portugal, little cocktail sausages which my wife wraps in rashers of bacon and then fries, Goan sausages full ... Read More »

Goa’s second tryst with World War II

Sanjeev V Sardesai The land on which today stands the Mormugao Port Trust or MPT, at the western end of Vasco city has been associated with two significant events in Goa’s past intertwining themselves into the fabric of Goan history and heritage. Three innocuous-looking German merchant ships, MS Ehrenfels, MS Drachenfels and MS Braunfels, along with an Italian ship SS ... Read More »

This summer, beat the heat in Rajasthan

Indo Asian News Service Summers in Rajasthan have become more enthralling — courtesy night tourism, which is taking tourist numbers in the lean season to new heights in the desert state. Colourful lights sparkling bright under the dark sky create a unique contrast, enhancing the beauty of spectacular palaces, gardens and museums. Night tourism allows travellers to visit the major ... Read More »

Facts about Cholesterol – Iii

Rohini Diniz Fats are made up of a mixture of smaller units known as fatty acids. Based on their chemical structures fatty acids are classified as saturated and unsaturated. Dietary fats are made up of a mixture of both saturated and unsaturated fatty acids in different proportions and depending upon the fatty acid that is present in the largest amount, ... Read More »

Take care of yourself

Today is World Health Day; a global health awareness day that’s celebrated since1948 on April 7, by World Health Organisation and other organisations as well. The main agenda to celebrate this day is to raise the public awareness among common people towards health issues and concerns of people. A particular theme is chosen to run the celebration and take care ... Read More »

Tai Chi can boost respiratory function in COPD patients

Tai Chi involves significant levels of physical exertion with stretching, breathing, and coordinated movement but requires no special equipment Indo Asian News Service Regularly practicing Tai Chi – an ancient Chinese martial art form – can help improve respiratory function in people with chronic breathing problems, according to a new study. It could be a low-cost and easily accessible option. ... Read More »