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Saluali dam and Shri Mahadev Temple of Kurdi in the rains

By Rohit Phalgaonkar

Try and explore the beauty of Saluali dam this weekend. The Salauli dam site is a beautiful spot in the Sanguem taluka. The picturesque beauty of this area mesmerises visitors. One can experience greenery and natural flora of this area which enthrals your mind.

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Hippy Girl

By Chandrakant Keni


"How can we avoid you? You wander about on the beach, in the city..."

"In what way are we indecent?"

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Revel in the magic of the monsoon

How with the hectic tourist season getting over and with less people around; we welcome with open arms the intimacy of the new monsoon. It’s this time of the year when we feel ourselves wanting to get cozy with our loved ones, enjoy the beauty of what this blistery season brings to our door step and watch the changes it brings to our landscape.

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NT Valentine Winners Rewarded

The much awaited ‘The Navhind Times Slumber King Valentine Day Message Contest’ prize distribution contest was held on Friday at GCCI hall, Panaji.

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“These are exciting times for filmmakers”

Mahesh Manjrekar is currently basking in the success of his latest Marathi film, ‘Kaksparsh’ a period film set in the Konkan region and speaking about its people while subtly weaving a love story.

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A Fairy Tale

By Tina Ann Desouza
Every woman dreams about her big day. Walking the 7 pheras, Nikah or walking down the aisle dreaming about a Vera Wang gown or wearing a Tarun Tahiliani ensemble or a Sabyasachi creation or getting a print out of Kate

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Delight your Dad

By Mini Ribeiro
Fathers are not really looking for gifts or expensive material things. It is the love and respect that we shower on them, that makes them happy and content. But it does not hurt to cook your dad’s favourite meal. They spoil us all our lives, why not pamper them too?

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Salaam Namaste

By Joe Mascarenhas
Where does one go to eat when it is raining incessantly is the common refrain of many of our friends? So we decided to do our own investigation to find interesting places to dine when most of the restaurants are closed for the ‘off season’.

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Questions from readers

I have a six-month-old mix breed female dog. I’m going to spay her in a few days. She’s aggressive and dominant and she's 14kg, is she overweight? I’ve read on the net that if a female dog is dominant and aggressive don't spay her as it may aggravate the condition.

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Before You Bring Your Puppy Home

By Elizabeth Abraham
Owners expect heaven and earth from their puppies. They expect the pup to train itself and grow into a perfect dog who behaves perfectly at all times.

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