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Luscious Liqueurs

By Mini Ribeiro

The word liqueur comes from the Latin word liquifacere, which means "to dissolve." This refers to the dissolving of the flavourings used to make the liqueur. Liqueurs were always popular, but of late it is fashionable to serve these after dinner.

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A Souffle for the Soul

By Joe Mascarenhas

How does one make a soufflé? Well this review is not about the recipe on the preparation of a soufflé but about a soul stirring experience. An experience created by none other than a youthful Reynold Abranches and like the soufflé he has two parts, the food - rock solid base and the environment, one that stirs the soul.

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5 Sure Ways to Lose Friends

By Sonal Kalra

top rolling your eyes, okay.

Kisi din upar hi reh jayengi. There’s no mistake in the headline. There are hundreds of columns that’ll tell you how to win them, but I’m indeed giving tips on losing friends. Because some of us need those, too.

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Cheap Chic

By Tina Ann Desouza

Flip through the pages of Bazaar, Elle or your celebrity magazine ‘OK’ and you sigh, thinking "lucky them, they get to wear all the uber trendy clothes, have all the money in the world to adorn designer outfits, a personal stylist at their beck and call."

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In just about a month, Bina Punjani Hair Studio, Miramar will turn one. Besides introducing the concept of specialisation in hair to Goa, and providing international standards of hair service and expertise, the salon has been a consistent regular contributor to Zest Buzz Weekender on Saturdays.

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The Mother’s Side Cousin

By Gajanan Jog | Translated from the original Konkani by Augusto Pinto

It was after dusk when Raya parked the empty truck by the wayside dhaba and stepped into the stall. He was lost in his own thoughts... I’m already past twenty seven and there’s still no hope of a permanent job.

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Rock and a Hard Place

By Sachin Chatte

The government may have allowed FDI in retail and many other sectors but when it comes to promoting art, culture and especially music concerts, we are still pretty much in the archaic ages. Actually, to think of it, even say a couple of hundred years back, music and art was probably promoted in a much better way than it is being done today.

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Things heroines have been saying for years (and why I can’t say them) – Farah Khan

‘I was only 13 when I did my first film.’

Sure, honey! And 20 years later, you’re still 23! Thirteen seems to be the lucky number when it comes to hiding your age. Sadly, I can’t even say that because I’d been tomtoming about how I made my acting debut at the good age of 47. Now, even heroines I’ve watched since school have become younger than me. My big mouth and me!

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The cutest thing your pet does…

NT BUZZ | Poorvi Sardar

Animals bring out the best in us and I am sure all animal lovers will concede. Man is a social animal - and the ‘social’ tag is what distinguishes us from the other animals.

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Vaastu, site plan and progress

By Dr Rupa Batra

Builders and real estate negotiators should understand that ancient science can be incorporated into their site and house designs without compromising on their profits.

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