Wednesday , 20 March 2019


A medley of poetry

September 23 will witness the twin book releases of Rochelle Potkar and Sarabjeet Garcha at Institute Menezes Braganza, Panaji. CHRISTINE MACHADO NT BUZZ chats with the two poets ‘Poetry is an exquisite taste to have’ Tell us a little more about the book. Paper Asylum is a book of haibun – a Japanese prose poetry form that intersperses prose with ... Read More »

World of street food

Zubin Dsouza We all know about how the world has its riches divided. There are clear demarcations between the haves and the have-nots. It spills out into every facet of our being. There is a 1 per cent of the world that has 99 per cent of the wealth. The 1 per cent enjoys the luxuries of life; does not ... Read More »

Demonisation of coconut oil

Vir Sanghvi Is coconut oil really poison? If you have been following the headlines, then you will know why I am asking the question. In a speech delivered at the University of Freiburg, the director of the university’s Institute for Prevention and Cancer Epidemiology, a Karin Michels, (who is also director of the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health), ... Read More »

A royal pilgrimage destination

Sanjeev V Sardesai Ponda taluka lies just across Tiswadi and Salcete talukas, separated by the River Zuari and the Cumbharjua canal. In earlier times it was the primary safe haven for various icons of Hindu gods and goddesses that took flight from Salcete and Tiswadi, to avoid sacrilegious defilement, by the then fanatic Portuguese religious annihilation. These lands were initially ... Read More »

Goodbye jet lag

Saumya Sharma You’ve been planning a holiday for eons now. The thought of getting away from the boredom of daily life was an opportunity you wouldn’t miss for the world, but if you’re taking a vacation abroad, there’s more than one thing you need to be careful about, especially jet lag, that is likelihood every time you travel from one ... Read More »

Know your sweeteners

Rohini Diniz This article is the last part of the series of articles on sweeteners and gives an insight into the four artificial sweeteners – advantame, neotame, saccharin and sucralose. Advantame: This is the newest and most potent artificial sweetener by far. It is 20,000 times sweeter than sugar. Advantame was developed by Japan’s Ajinomoto Co and is synthesised from ... Read More »

Tulsi for improved wellness

Tulsi is a medicinal herb that has many benefits. It can boost your mental wellness, alleviate symptoms of fever and prevent respiratory infections, among other things Indo Asian News Service Integrating tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) in your diet may not only help you look good but can also boost your physical and mental health. Various studies in the past have suggested ... Read More »

Understanding wellness

Danuska Da Gama I NT BUZZ Steve Jeisman has developed and launched Spa Alila in four countries, besides creating the natural signature amenities and spa products for Alila worldwide. With vast experience in the spa and wellness industry he also spearheaded the opening of one of Asia’s largest high-end spas ‘Prana’ and sister outlet ‘Chill’. He was in Goa recently ... Read More »

The Italian Job: A literal Cliffhanger

RAMNATH N PAI RAIKAR | NT NETWORK Heist films, forming a subgenre of crime films, have been popular the world over, perhaps from the day pictures started moving on the screen. The French film, ‘Rififi’ (1955) was one of the earliest such films that were lapped up by audiences. ‘The Killing’ (1956), ‘Ocean’s 11’ (1960), ‘Topkapi’ (1964), ‘Gambit’ (1966), ‘The ... Read More »

Funny side up

Stand-up comedian Navin Noronha is all set to bring his new act ‘The Good Child’ to Goa. In a chat with NT BUZZ he talks about how good a child he really was, on being open about his sexuality, and the need for change in the comedy scene CHRISTINE MACHADO | NT BUZZ   How good a child were you? ... Read More »