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Fitness Fusion

By Puja Thakur
I am just an ordinary person like you, in my late 20s with a lot of insecurities about getting old and looking ugly. In today’s world, beauty and fitness is big business, one in which we are all struggling to survive.

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Chori Mera Kaam!

The Indian film industry, especially Bollywood, has been in the forefront producing movies based on foreign 'inspirations'. And once in a while, as in case of the F C Mehra film, 'Khoon Khoon' (1973) directly lifted from the 1972 Hollywood blockbuster,

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Positive Reinforcement Training

By Elizabeth Abraham
Dogs don’t care about money or your nice car or your big house. They care about food… and praise. Positive reinforcement training uses food treats and/or praise to reward your dog for doing something you want him to do.

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Goa High On Obesity

By Poorvi Sardar | NT BUZZ
One of the major lifestyle diseases, obesity, which hit the west, especially the US, is all set to haunt Indians and more specifically, Goa, the fourth smallest of India by population. As shocking as it might seem,

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Health is wealth

 By Joe Mascarenhas
It is often stated that ‘Health is wealth’, but, perhaps our jaded palates do find it a trifle difficult to enjoy a salad or an organic main course with relish.

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Over the grills

By Christabelle Coutinho
Half the thrill of dining al fresco at Rego’s Grills derives from its spine-tingling proximity to the roaring Arabian Sea; the other half is wrought by the anticipation of being catered to by a legend, the Big Daddy of Goan cuisine – Chef Urbano Rego, and the knowledge that this could very well be one of the finest meals you’ve enjoyed in a long time.

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Understanding Aggression in Dogs – II

By Elizabeth Abraham
In the last article of this two-part series on understanding aggression in dogs, I talked about the different kinds of aggression. In this article, I will look at preventing aggressive behaviour and some of the myths and fallacies surrounding the subject.

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The One Hit Wonders – I

They were all one hit wonders – bands and singers who came with a bang and vanished without a whimper. While the success of many of these singers was because their songs came at an appropriate time, for example,

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Haute looks for hot days

Frustration often leads one to get their hair chopped off, but who says you gotta look like a boy? If you are considering shortening your hair, there are many many options available in the hands of a good stylist.

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