Saturday , 23 March 2019


Making of an it girl

By Tina Ann Desouza
Sophia Loren, Kate Moss, Deepika Padukone, Sushmita Sen, Sania Mirza, Katrina Kaif, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce Knowles, Oprah Winfrey, Gwen Stefani to name a few. She’s that hot babe people can’t take their eyes off, yet she exuberates a relaxed mode at the same time. She is sexy but she doesn’t look like she spent hours perfecting her liner and her mascara.

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A five star protest

Normally the big guys buy their way around problems. Sometimes it doesn’t work. So when I received an SMS from one Mavani, a mine owner about a protest meeting, I though, now is the time for mine owners to come to the aid of mining.

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Sabrina set to sizzle in Goa

Party goers, get ready to groove to UAE’s DJ Sabrina Terence’s electronic dance music at Club Tito’s at Radisson Blu on October 20. NT BUZZ caught up with the Dubai based DJ who has played for Ne-Yo, Jay Sean, Paris Hilton, Akon, Gatecrasher and many others

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Give us this day our daily bread

By Mini Ribeiro

Breads are versatile and team up with anything. There’s so much one can do with breads, apart from the usual sandwiches or pao com chouricos. Bread rolls, pakoras, cheese toast, French toast. Savoury items apart, shahi tukda, a dessert can be made with bread too.

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Moon about Jupiter

By Joe Mascarenhas

This is not an astrology class but it is said that the ninth and smallest moon that revolves around the largest planet of the universe Jupiter, is called Leda.

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Hey, anyone wants to come to the loo?

By Sonal Kalra

Kasam se, I was going to write on a serious topic today. Why, haven’t you seen my conscious attempt over the last few weeks to shed the joker image and take up life-altering issues that leave a monumental impact on the human psyche?

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Uma and the Human Sacrifice Part II

The story so far:

The Goan narrator as a youth did her MA in Anthropology at Pune University.  There her best friend was vivacious Uma. After finishing University studies, they remained in touch, although they did not meet for a gap of some ten years.

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