Tuesday , 16 October 2018


‘Chaat’ing in the Monsoon

By Ramnath N Pai Raikar | NT NETWORK
The chartbuster song from the latest Bollywood success story 'Rowdy Rathore' - 'Tera Ishq Bada Teekha...Mujhe Teekha Acha Lagey... Tera Ishq Bada Khatta... Mujhe Khatta Accha Lagey...' - which literally means 'Your love is very

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Hippy Girl – Part 4

By Chandrakant Keni
Cinderella was still unconscious. I could not bear to see her in that state any longer. I found a bed sheet and covered her with it. I searched my pockets for a piece of paper but couldn't find any and there didn't seem to be any in the room either. Finally I found a bill somewhere and on the back of it I wrote

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A Romantic Idyll

By Sinead McManus
With the monsoon now in its full glory, there are certain places here in Goa that capture the essence of this dramatic time of year. Although some vacation spots are on a high throughout the year, they experience a stunning transformation during the rains.

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Deepika gets Brazen

Kunal M Shah
Being unabashed is not really a quality one can associate with the normally sober and calm Deepika Padukone. But the actress is pulling it off in her next film. “Unlike my character Veronica, I have had a very secure, stable and very simple upbringing and in that sense it was difficult to identify with the character.

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Art, Mojitos and Chikitas

by Perin Ilavia

Artists aspire to be invited for residency’s, art camps and retreats abroad, and Norman Tagore was among the three Goan artists to be chosen for the Artists Retreat in Havana- Cuba, also getting the opportunity to attend the Havana Biennial, the trip was sponsored by the Art Foundation, Vise-Versa.

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Electric Ladyland

By Sanket Sharma

Album: Electric Ladyland (1968)

Artist: The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Rating: 5/5

Even though I have been obsessed with Jimi Hendrix’s music for a long time, I only heard all the songs on this amazing album a month ago. Everything, absolutely everything on this album is nothing less then extraordinary.

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Hips Don’t Lie

By Tina Ann Desouza

What’s right we cannot survive without our faithful denim pants. Who could imagine a world without them? The iconic blue denim trousers known as jeans have come a long way.

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