Monday , 17 December 2018


Sereno Spa – A double makeover!

By Sinead McManus

And so the minutes on Saturday morning start ticking by. Tying up loose ends at work threaten to take over my precious break. I’m frazzled and in desperate need of a rejuvenating weekend. In strolls Stephen, my travel buddy, with a broad smile plastered across his face, bags in tow, he guides me out the door. And we’re off, our destination – the Park Hyatt.

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Sailing high in the deep blue sea

"To be secure on land, we must be supreme at sea," with this motto of Jawaharlal Nehru, 33-year-old Lieutenant Commander, Abhihash Tomy of Indian Navy will be sailing solo nonstop all over the world for 180 days. NT BUZZ caught up with the man behind the mission and also his mentor, Commander Dilip Donde to understand what it takes to sail solo

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The Amitabh I Know…

While fans in India and the world over celebrated the iconic Bachchan’s seventieth birthday on October 11, in Goa, one of his greatest and sweetest fans, of all time, Zarine Khan recalled her ‘Amitabh’ story for NT Zest Buzz Weekender…

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Fixing the problem

The lights in the small room were dim and the men who sat around the table were like shadows. An old air conditioner blew cool air on the group and partially upset the cloud of smoke that hung heavily over the tired and frustrated looking men. This was as sinister as it could get. It was the underworld, or the underbelly, or the undertaker….whatever you want to call it.

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Go Veggie in Goa

Goan food may be synonymous with spicy, tangy and non-vegetarian delicacies, but Goa’s rich red soil is equally conducive to the growth of lots of vegetables. Thus, Goans have integrated a lot of those in their daily diets and prepare these in a unique manner, different from the rest of India. Lady fingers, beans, red amaranth leaves are typical vegetables eaten in a Goan household, as are pulses and lentils.

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You call me fat, I call you mannerless. Howzzat?

In the comfort zone of anonymity and not having to face the other person, people are freely trading insults on Facebook or Twitter. Thrilled about technology having changed our lives, we’ve forgotten that two things haven’t changed — insults still hurt, and bad manners are bad, whether exhibited in person or over a mesh of unseen cables.

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Uma and the Human Sacrifice – Part 1

By Dr Jayanti Naik

Translated from the original Konkani by Augusto Pinto

got off at the Kolhapur State Bus Terminal and took an auto rickshaw straight to Uma’s place. As her bungalow was close to the Moreshwar Temple, her address was easy enough to find.

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