Tuesday , 25 September 2018


Electric Ladyland

By Sanket Sharma

Album: Electric Ladyland (1968)

Artist: The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Rating: 5/5

Even though I have been obsessed with Jimi Hendrix’s music for a long time, I only heard all the songs on this amazing album a month ago. Everything, absolutely everything on this album is nothing less then extraordinary.

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Hips Don’t Lie

By Tina Ann Desouza

What’s right we cannot survive without our faithful denim pants. Who could imagine a world without them? The iconic blue denim trousers known as jeans have come a long way.

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Monsoon fashion, masti and magic

By Tina Ann Desouza

After the hot, soaring summer heat of Goa, the arrival of the monsoon is loved by all. We wait and wait for the sky to burst open and finally the soothing raindrops, pleasant weather, nose-tickling wet mud smell,

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The Sangodd of São João

By Maria de Lourdes Bravo da Costa Rodrigues

While youngsters in villages around Goa are busy celebrating the feast of São João by going around singing songs and jumping into wells, there are at least two villages in Bardez that celebrate it differently with a Sangodd.

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A village like no other

By Joe Mascarenhas

Many have spoken and relished their experiences, but few have dared and as they say fortune favours the brave, so we set out one dark night with the wind whistling and the torrential rain showing no sign of relenting. Crossing the Nerul bridge one approaches the tinto. Take a left turn to the Bhatti village and you are in virgin territory within rural Goa.

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