Sunday , 24 February 2019


Buena Mesa

By Joe Mascarenhas
A new eatery Buena Mesa dots the landscape of Holiday Street in Candolim. The name translates to ‘Good Table’ in Spanish, a place which surely promises the aromas of healthy home cooking.

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The Fulfillment of a Desire Part 4

By Dr Jayanti Naik
Translated by Augusto Pinto
[The story so far: Shivanand Desai; who had gone to Bangalore to work, falls in love with and marries a beautiful Tamilian girl named Satyavati Iyengar. Despite the fact that she was from a high caste, his marriage to her,

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Home Gardens

By Noeline Mendonsa
Wow! Look at that ...Have you seen our neighbour’s garden? She has this, that and the other and it is just about the same area we have – ah yes, she has green fingers!

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A taste of floating luxury

When Paris Hilton was down in Goa last year, one of the few things she did was take a leisurely cruise onboard the beautiful catamaran RARE. Malvika Newrekar chats up with Nicky Duarte and Devika of Seventh Wave Goa about their luxury catamaran RARE, Paris Hilton and what’s in store for anyone who wants to hop onto the boat and sail down the river this monsoon

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Kissa Kiss Ka!!!!

Early “Indian Cinema” flourished with historical and mythological genres. Also with a paucity of female actors and a prudish audience one would think that kissing on screen was an unthinkable affair.  But no, actresses of those days were of a different mettle. They did not shy away from on-screen intimacy. 
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The Fulfillment of a Desire Part 3

By Dr Jayanti Naik | Translated by Augusto Pinto
The story so far: Shivanand Desai had gone to Bangalore to work although his father was suspicious about this move. Before leaving, his Dadi gave him a stern warning that he was not to get embroiled in any love affairs. However, Shivanand fell in love with Satyavati, the beautiful daughter of the manager in his company.
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A fresh slice of Calangute

By Sinead McManus 
Living in Calangute means I pass by innumerable new ventures – cafes, hotels, joints and shops – almost every day. And sometimes the traffic in this bustling little village can be a good thing;
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Dogs on furniture: Good or Bad?

By Elizabeth Abraham
Traditional dog trainers advise owners against allowing dogs to get up on furniture, their reasoning being that the dog should consider himself equal to his ‘master’ and therefore would become ‘disobedient’.
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