Monday , 16 July 2018


Summer’s Most Wanted

By Tina Ann deSouza
Sundress, shorts, tankini, swimsuit, bikini, shades, hats, sun blocks, basket bags, gloss, parasol, fragrances you name it we need it! Our most wanted summer essentials are here.
Nothing says summer than a beautiful, printed playful garment.

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Exquisite Jewellery Boxes

By Tina Ann Desouza
Giving the right gift at the right time can really make an impression. What better way to express your sentiments, than with a jewellery box. Be it a wooden chest or chic leather or exquisite marble.

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Summer Indulgence

By Mini Ribeiro
As summer tightens its sweaty grip, the demand for refreshment grows. Summer means sangrias and chilled beers but cocktails are also hugely welcome. Everyone enjoys a fancy infusion, but some prefer minimalist ingredients.

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Mystic flavours from the chulha

By Joe Mascarenhas
What’s the buzz these days? We are used to all type of celebrities coming to experience the taste of Goa. A little birdie whispered in my ear that the Grand Hyatt was flying down the culinary ambassador of Indian cuisine Marut Sikka with his enviable team of master chefs for a special food promotion at their speciality restaurant Chulha.

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Fashionable Fusion

By Mini Ribeiro
It’s creatively challenging to amalgamate several culinary styles and create something unique and innovative. Fusion cuisine blends ingredients and/or cooking techniques from two different cultures.

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