Wednesday , 24 April 2019


Dance with me

By Derek Almeida
Two promises in two days. That’s the record of the Aam Aadmi Party, or the mango people’s party, as Robert Vadra would prefer it. Free water and electricity at half the cost.
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2014 Food Trends

By Mini Ribeiro
Every year culinary pundits predict new trends on the ever-changing food scene in India. 2013 saw a plethora of changes. Chefs too were taken aback. Global food trends influenced gourmets in India. So this year is no different. Let’s take a look.....
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Love the lines

By Assavri Kulkarni
Pictures are actually made of vertical, horizontal, diagonal lines and it is most important to learn to use lines creatively and intelligently.
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Food and Fitness

I’m suffering from atopic eczema. My skin is very sensitive and I have an allergy problem. My skin is very dry. What should I include in my diet to help keep my skin soft? I can’t eat fruits that contain citric acid.
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Happy New Hair- Resolutions for 2014

I Shall Not Neglect My Hair 
You are particular about your clothes, jewellery and accessories, but not about your hair? The absolute horror! A bit of care and love can go a long way. Learn the right way to dry, style or blow dry your hair, depending on your hair type. 
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Battle of the Hangover

By Mini Ribeiro
All of us love our glass of wine in this season and some of us, more than one. In this season, with partying round the clock, hangovers are so common place and bound to happen.
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